Monday, 23 March 2009

They have arrived!

At long last they have arrived!  And earlier than anticipated too!

If you haven't already heard of the RHS seed distribution scheme read on.  

Every year the RHS offers its members the opportunity to order seeds harvested from its gardens, Wisley in Surrey, Hyde Hall in Essex, Harlow Carr in Yorkshire and Rosemoor in Devon.

As a new member I thought that this was a great way of using the benefits of membership.  It only costs £10 and for that you get around twenty packets of seed, and there is so much choice!  Things that you would never get anywhere else for the price.

Below is a list of what I have ordered:

1. Dierama pulcherrimum
2. Daphne oleoides
3. Daphne mezereum f. alba
4. Geum rivale
5. Salvia microphylla
6. Anomatheca laxa
7. Trillium grandiflorum
8. Eryngium giganteum
9. Thalictrum rochebruneanum
10. Acis autumnalis
11. Clematis recta
12. Orlaya grandiflora
13. Ilex aquifolium
14. Rosa canina
15. Euphorbia characias subsp. wulfenii
16. Berkheya purperea
17. Agastache nepetoides
18. Meconopsis cambrica
19. Eryngium eburneum

I cant wait to start sowing these beauties!!

For more information go to:


  1. Nice work Ryan. There's some fantastic variety in that bunch. Looking forward to seeing the pics once they're grown.

  2. Hello Ryan and Wales! good luck germinating!

  3. Thanks guys! Will get some seedling pics up at some point!

  4. Hi Ryan, Thanks for your comment and for visiting my blog. I thought I would have a peek at yours and I am glad I did! as I am a member of the RHS as well and I didn't know about the seed distribution scheme. I obviously haven't read all the membership things I got last year. I visit Wisley a lot as it's near my Son's home, I love it there. Have fun sowing all those lovely seeds.
    maureen :)

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments. I am an RHS member too but have never participated in the seed distribution scheme. Looks like I have been missing something big!

  6. I have re-edited the blog and incorporated the RHS website.

  7. Enjoy sowing those seeds Ryan - look forward to hearing about their progess !

  8. It seems that I am not the only RHS member ignorant of the freebies on offer :-)
    Hopefully next year I find out in time.
    BTW, we seem to have had similar reasons for starting a blog, although yours is more productive.

  9. Wow! That's some selection of seeds.
    Starting mine late...almost 2 weeks.
    Fun, fun , fun !


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