Friday, 27 March 2009


On a wet and windy day here in Wales I felt that for a change I would not venture outdoors to photograph what is going on in my garden but concentrate on a warmer and drier indoor activity!

For those of you that aren't aware of what Blotanical is I shall explain!  Blotanical is a marvelous website which promotes and groups together Blogs  that focus on all things botanical (hence the name).

I joined this site around a week ago on the advice of Amanda Thomsen (Kissmyaster: and it is great!  It is especially handy on a day like today as I can read what others are doing in their gardens, gaining inspiration, tips and knowledge, and to think, all of this in one place!

To join blotanical just visit: and find and fave me!


  1. I love blotanical! Spread the word.

  2. I am beginning to worry that I shall fail to do any gardening again if I continue to spend so long simply reading about it on Blotanical instead...!

  3. I went there and spent the last hour just looking around and leaving comments on some very nice blog. Thanks to you for the link.

    I made a recycle center a long time ago and it worked great. I also used to have a small gasoline chipper and I made tons of mulch. I wish I had a new one. LOL

  4. Blotanical can become an obsession. On the other hand, I have gotten so excited about gardening in my own tiny yard,just because of all the inspiring blogs I get to visit.

  5. Blotanical has introduced me to new ideas and lots of new plants; as well as wonderful people! The downside is that it's addictive and easy to become obsessed with...which will make it difficult to choose between 'it' and the garden...although, I think I know what I'd chose if it came down to just one. (If you said the garden, you would be correct;-)

  6. Welcome, and thanks a lot for checking out my blog. I'll see you on Blotanical !
    The Rock and Roll Gardener in Minnesota


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