Thursday, 19 March 2009

Garden Treasure!

Today has been fantastic!  I am actually ecstatic and so excited!

A good friend of mine came to visit me while im still recovering from the delights of whiplash.  She brought me wonderful goodies: oak and hawthorn dibbers (home grown and hand carved), eggs (home grown and amazing), pallets for a future project and a lovely pot of tulips.  Will be interesting to see what colours the blooms are!  Thank you!

My other piece of exciting news is that I believe I may have actually succeeded at growing one species of hardy orchids.  I am currently trying a few species and waiting for them to pop their heads above ground as this will be the second year and I should hopefully see the fruits of my labour.

These plants are an absolute love of mine.  I bought them from a wonderful lady called Hayley Stevens of Hayley's Orchids and she can be contacted through her website:
The plants are of fantastic quality and the service is second to none.

Anyway, before I go off on a complete tangent, back to my find.  When pottering about in the garden I noticed a small inconspicuous looking set of leaves that were not there when I checked yesterday.  The purple spots on the leaves were a giveaway, it was my Dactylorhiza fuschii hybrid.

Now, this was enough excitement for me for one day, however, when I looked closer I noticed that there were actually two offsets.  The tubers do develop in a finger like manner but I was not expecting this after just one year in my garden.  Well, I must be doing something right with these plants.

I cannot wait for these plants to bloom as they are absolutely stunning.  And just to think that I may have two blooms from this one plant.  The inflorescence (posh term for flower) is exquisite.  A tall spire of beautifully deep purple and teamed with its foliage makes a gem for any garden.  Although a little pricey it most definitely makes up for it!  I recommend this plant fully . . . and just to think, its a native!


  1. Impressed with you growing your own orchids. Orchids are a passion of mine but I have not yet attempted growing some myself. I have simply got these amazing orchids that are almost always in bloom. Perhaps I will give it a go to grow some of my own.

  2. Hope to see the fuschii hybrid bloom soon.
    Do enjoy reading your blog. You write well.

  3. Thanks Patsi! Very nice of you to say so. I can't wait to see the blooms either! Very excited! I will of course update the blog of any blooms soon I hope!



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