Saturday, 21 March 2009

Introducing Trevor the garden helper!

Introducing Trevor - one of my faithful garden helpers.  Well thats the idea anyway!

Trevor is a baby Horsfields tortoise (Testudo horsfieldii) and these beautiful and entertaining little animals love garden weeds!  This, in my eyes, makes him the perfect garden companion.  Like I said he is still a baby, around about 9 months old maybe, but despite his small size he is most definitely large enough to consume all the garden nasties that I can provide.  As you can see in the picture he is devouring a wonderful mix of dandelion, buddleia, blackberry, sticky bud and dead nettle.

At the moment he is living indoors as its still a little chilly and he is due to live outdoors for the summer once the chances of bad weather have passed.  


  1. Will he distinguish between your weeds and the plants you want? I didnt think you could buy tortoises anymore in the UK?!

  2. I doubt he will but I am growing a selection of plants for him and he will be confined to a certain area.

    Tortoises are widely available throughout Britain. Some need certain paperwork but not horsfields!

  3. What a fun little helper! My son had a red-bellied slider (aquatic turtle) for a while. He was the size of a half-dollar when we got him. When he got to be 8 inches long, we set him free in a nearby pond. He didn't eat many weeds, but he sure provided a lot of good fertilizer! :)


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