Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Man Vs. Slug

Well, I guess this is another battle well documented in history.  Over the years I have tried many different approaches to this problem.  From eggshells to the notorious slug pellet, I have tried most methods with varying levels of success of course.

But today I am trying an approach that's new to me, porridge oats!  Now, this approach appeals to me for many reasons:

1. It doesn't kill the slug (Yes, I can hear you all groaning but I for one don't like to kill things if it can be avoided)
2. It is cheap as chips; and
3. It's not harmful to the environment, children, pets and other wildlife.

So, on paper it's an all round winner.  The theory behind it is that slugs adore porridge oats, and by providing them with this food source it will ultimately fill their little stomachs thus reducing the amount of damage caused to our beloved plants?!

The two pronged at
tack.  I have added another dimension to this all out war on slug kind.  As I am a cynic and often don't believe things that are suggested to me I have added a back up plan.  So this is Plan B!  Along with the porridge feast I am also including slug hotels.  We all know that slugs love hidin
g during the daytime and with the vast amount of porridge they will have consumed they will nee
d a good rest!  I am covering patches of porridge with half flowerpots.  Then as the slugs are snoozing in their boutique style arrangements I am to collect them and re-home them somewhere nearby (no, not next door!).  This should optimize my efforts and result in healthy, green, intact foliage.

This coupled with my slug resistant planting schemes should prove effective.  I will keep you updated.

P.S. I am aware of the blue pellets also, these are Growing Success Organic slug pellets . . . so I guess for the time being anyway this could be called a three prong attack!


  1. Truly brilliant! I will try this out myself : )

  2. Check this out!

  3. Have not tried porridge oats yet but did use bran last year at the allotment which proved quite effective :)

  4. I saw your blog title, though maybe I had another blog I didn't know about. Around here we consider this the season when slugs are ripe, we do an occasional 5 minute harvest outside. I hope you aren't releasing them in the neighbors' yards. Personally, I kill them.

  5. Ryan...I have a terrible problem with slugs. I can tell you what works...BEER!!! Slugs love BEER! I buy cheap beer and pour it in shallow containers. They are drawn to it like a bug to a light. They will crawl in, drink it and DIE! I can put out 20 containers, and the next morning I will have 15-20 slugs in each dish! Ofcourse you must empty it every day..but it doesn't take much beer to get the job done. Who knew slugs were suck lushes ;)

  6. The thing I love about beer traps apart from their effectiveness, is that our blackbird comes round and eats all the fermented slugs.

    Gotta love a blackbird that likes a booze!



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