Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The ultimate recycling project

Using recycled materials to create a compost heap seems only natural as what I intend to do in essence is recycle garden waste in order to create fantastic compost, which in turn will be given back to my plants!

Of course none of this would be possible without the help of a friend, and a big muscly one at that (only joking!)!  Introducing the muscle!

This is my friend and recycling guru, Pan.  This wonderful lady supplied the pallets, the string (collected from a nearby beach), the tools and most importantly the well rotted chicken manure and bedding.  The rocket fuel for the project!  I call her the muscle as she pretty much did the hard work as I still recover, not bad eh?!

As I only have a small garden we chose to create two small bins, sufficient for the task at hand.  I'm quite lucky to have space behind the garden in which to do this and this will keep the bins nicely protected and out of sight.

The construction was fairly simple.  We used chicken wire (reclaimed from a previous use) between the gaps in the pallets and then joined each pallet with the polypropylene string collected from the beach.  I wanted the bins to be fairly mobile and by using this construction they can be dismantled and moved without any hassle at all.

Within the space of a couple of hours and a couple of cups of tea, the bins were complete and we were looking pretty proud of ourselves.

All that was left to do was start the process.  Here I am with Pan's well rotted bag of chicken manure ready to kick start my long awaited compost bins.

The compost will be covered over with carpet off cuts and I look forward to see what results I will get!


  1. That's exciting. Pan is a good friend to be your muscle!

  2. Compost is the absolute best and making it yourself is very rewarding. I know that is dorky but it is true. And the bonus is that it smells good:D

  3. Nothing dorky about it! Homemade compost is amazing!!!

  4. Great way to reuse items. We always try to reuse instead of buy new as well.

    Happy composting!

  5. What a great project Ryan!

    We had 50 pallets delivered up at the allotment last year, so I've plenty of projects in mind for this year!

  6. Great stuff - I am a real compost diva! I love the stuff. Your bins are very cool, and I love that they are from re-cycled objects - especially the string from the beach!

  7. Ryan hi, can I borrow Pan please ?
    Great compost bins! I love home made compost, strange I know ! but it's amazing that all the old left overs we normally chuck away become wholesome food for our soil, neat eh ?
    Have a good w/end, I will be away babysitting and probably fretting over leaving my baby seedlings. I must get a life !!
    maureen :)

  8. This should work great for you, and what a nice friend you have! I find composting to be very gratifying. I hope you will, too :)

  9. Nice Article. Keep it up. But I think this is copy of your topic recycling process

  10. Pan (the muscle) can be found here:

    Please follow her!


  11. Do you have a pitchfork? You'll get much better results if you turn the compost. I got one for Valentine's day a few years ago, one of the best presents I ever got.
    Have fun!


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