Saturday, 14 March 2009

An unconventional start!

I start my new blog from my bed!  Strange I know, but something that could become a habit.

I am slowly recovering from a car crash, and what could be  better therapy than starting and writing a new blog?!  I'm not seriously injured and no other drivers were hurt in the crash but I have concussion and a rather painful case of whiplash, neither of which are conducive to a good days gardening.  So today my garden musings will come from my bed.

Today is absolutely glorious!  I live in a coastal location in West Wales and spring comes early here.  My garden is buzzing with energy and bursting with new shoots; along with new creatures, many of which are rather undesirable, but I'm learning to cope with these a little better.  However, as I am rather nauseous still I can merely reflect on the last year and look towards this season.

For the purpose of this blog I will start at the very beginning!

I started my garden June 2008 when I moved into my new home.  When I say started I actually mean that exactly.  The owner before me evidently had no horticultural leaning and had turned the whole of the garden over to gravel.  The garden was covered in weed suppressing membrane and followed by a very thick layer of gravel, there were some hangers on however.  The ever resourceful and determined Nasturtium was surviving in a small corner next to a small tool shed.  It appeared very happy there bathed in sun with its roots in the shade.  The Nasturtium continues to pop up to this day without any help from me.  I quite welcome it really, its a fantastic gap filler in a new garden and a welcome addition to an established one.  A passion vine and ornamental quince which grow in next-door's garden poke their heads over the wall and I have borrowed this as a feature on the left of the garden and next to this a long low hedge of Cotoneaster salicifolius.

Since then the garden has developed quite a bit.  This is by no means a substantial piece of land, more of a city courtyard garden I guess, but its mine!  And on a day like today, and in the state that I'm in it gives me something to focus on and makes me want to get back outdoors!


  1. Hope that you are soon on the mend Ryan and able to be up and about enjoying your garden :)

  2. Good grief Ryan, I never knew that your introduction to the blogging world started with such a bang. Glad to see that something good and positive came from that not so wonderful accident.


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