Saturday, 4 April 2009

Beautiful British Spring Morning!

This just had to be done.  I constantly take pictures when I'm out and about but today was something else!  It was the first day of the plant sales at my local botanical gardens, a five minute walk from my house, and I grasped the opportunity to take pics as I walked through the park and in the botanical gardens!

The standing stones in morning light.

The mighty Oak.

Close-up of the Oak.


A trio of Magnolias.

Pigeon on a bridge!

The colour on this plant is fantastic!

Amazing pearlescent berries.


White orchid.

This orchid was my favourite.  Completely blood red.


  1. Looks a lovely walk and destination to be heading for. Did you treat yourself to any new plants ?

  2. I do love a HUGE oak tree. We have a rather big one that leans scarily over our garage.

  3. Hey, it's me. Remember Dendrobium kingianum? You identified it on my blog and I think you are right. Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it. Hiks hiks ... I'm following you now so that I can ask for more plants identification. He he ...

  4. Is it the Welsh Botanical Garden you are referring to? I love those white berries

  5. Beautiful! What's the name of that Purple flower?

  6. Hi Cathy, I don't know the name of the purple flowering plant I'm afraid. Does anyone else have the answer?

  7. One heck of a good walk. Did you buy anything at the plant sale?

  8. Unfortunately nothing took my fancy this week. The sales change by the week so I will keep going back until I find something new and exciting!

    @Patientgardener No, its not the Welsh botanical gardens. It's a small but beautiful local gardens.

  9. Just amazing photos. Wish I was there.
    Think I need a holiday.

  10. Ryan what a spectacular walk! Your photos are wonderful. I love the orchid as well. Saturday must have been the day for plant sales. I also visited some local plant sales.

  11. Beautiful, beautiful photos!!!! You're very lucky to see these beauties so close to your home!


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