Friday, 3 April 2009

Please help!?

So . . . this is the question.  

I know that this is a Quince of some sort, but which sort?!

This is part of my borrowed landscape.  As you can see in the pictures this bush grows through a trellis above my boundary wall.  Although it looks quite bare at the minute this will soon leaf out and look amazing.  Also I have a passion vine and two Clematis growing on the trellis, so this is pretty much the most I will see of this beautiful quince.

I absolutely adore this plant and it fruits too.  The fruits aren't huge and I'm assuming that this plant is intended to be ornamental only.  But still, it's a great plant and adds a welcome splash of colour (not yellow) at this time of year.

So if there are any quince experts out there I would appreciate an identification of the variety I have!


  1. I wish I were an expert in something...I tell ya! I don't know what type of quince this is. Try Floridata ( quite possible my favorite site for plants. Goodluch to you. Have a great dirt-y weekend!

  2. Looks like a Chaenomeles speciosa Quince, if you google it you'll see a photo and it looks like
    what you have. Hope this helps

  3. Hi Ryan- I don't have the answer but I really like the flowering wall. Very pretty.

  4. Hi Ryan
    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    What you have there, Sir, is a Chaenomeles japonica or Japanese Quince.
    There are a number of different cultivars with flowers ranging from blood red to pale pink. The fruit are, sadly, inedible but look and smell good.
    If you want a proper fruiting quince then look for Cydonia oblonga.
    Hope that helps...

  5. Thanks for all the comments guys! Much appreciated! No quince jams for me then! lol

  6. Hi Ryan, I have a japanese quince which I think is called 'Crimson and gold'. I was just thinking today it is the best of plants. It has flowered continuously since late December with a fair few blooms on at any one time. It is so cheering to see the crimson flowers against my white wall at that time of year. It flowers on bare wood but seems to have just had a new flush of flowers just as the leaves are coming out.

  7. Thanks for your blog, fun! Brian

  8. Very very late in the day but the fruit of the japanese quince are edible when cooked and can be made into a very acceptable jam. At least mine was delicious anyway!


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