Thursday, 14 May 2009

Fork'n Monkey awards

All this blogging malarky is still pretty new to me so it was a surprise to discover that people are recognised for various reasons and are actually given awards!

For those of you who are wondering what I'm on about please continue to read this brief post.  For the rest of you who are up to date on this kind of stuff just head on over to the GM blog to add your nominations.

This is the second year of Fork'n Monkey awards and there are several categories in which to enter your favourite blogs and bloggers.  I feel that I have made an awful faux pas in nominating myself so I apologise for that, although I am quite comforted that several others have now too!

Anyway, go and check out the many categories for awards and add your vote in the comments box!  I have been reliably informed, however, that Nigel Colborn is set to recieve the vast majority of awards for his excellent blog!  Good luck Mr C!

The blog can be found at:

All entries must be in before 17th May.  Get voting and support your fellow blogger, or make fun of them at least!!


  1. LOL!!!!!!!! Don't feel bad...I nominatred myself...but ONLY after I saw you had as well!!!!!

  2. No, I don't Do awards. I'd accept a knighthood or something (but only if I can be Lady Emily - Dame Emily sounds as though I teach clog-dancing or something), but I don't do blog awards!

    I think all bloggers would nominate themselves. Otherwise why write the thing, if not because you can't find anything quite as good to read elsewhere? ;)


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