Friday, 15 May 2009

My Guest blog.

Today marks a new step for me in the shape of a guest blog for Fine Gardening Magazine. 

Please take a peek and leave me some comments over at FG:


  1. Very Very cool Ryan! Nice stuff! !!!

  2. A good blog, I enjoyed it. As it happens I think one of the biggest difference between UK and US gardens is that if you have the money to employ someone to work in your garden, it's done differently. Still in the UK it's likely to be old (or young) Sid who's been doing it for years, and comes round for half a day a week to mow the lawn and weed the borders, or whatever. In the US it seems to be farmed out to Mexicans with huge mowers who the owners don't know the names of. Also I find mulch is used differently - I can't really put my finger on how though, it just looks different from the pictures I see in blogs.

  3. What an amazing accomplishment to be recognized by such a prominent mag! I am on my way over to read it now!

  4. Excellent read. You expressed many of my sentiments very well. i too have enjoyed meeting our American, Canadian French and other bloggers through Blotanical and learn more each day from their blogs than I ever do or did watching gardeners world.

  5. Thanks for the kind comments!

    Really appreciate it! I wonder if FG magazine will want more from me?


  6. Well done Ryan for writing such a good article. I also want to say I LOVE your title bar photo its lovely and one of my favourite flowers.


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