Saturday, 27 June 2009

Plant I.D. needed.

In general I'm pretty good when it comes to plant names.  That said, when things self seed from other peoples gardens or just "arrive" it is sometimes possible to find me staring, wondering 'What the hell is that leafy thing?  It doesn't look like a weed.  I'm sure I didn't plant that there, etc'.  

That applies to this plant.

My garden is relatively new.  As I've discussed in previous blog articles it was completely graveled over when I bought the house two years ago.  Since claiming back the garden from the sea of gravel I've had a few nice surprises.  Some gorgeous Verbascum has appeared, Valerian, Hedera, and now this.

In it's early development I just thought it was the flower spike of Stachys grandiflora 'Rosea', however it is actually growing through the crown of this plant.

It's strange.  Usually when something "appears" I hate it and want it gone straight away but I actually really like this plant.  I wanted more white in the garden and this has landed in the perfect spot.  Call it fate, or whatever you like, but maybe I've developed a telepathic link with the garden?  Maybe I could ask it for a multi stemmed tree?!

So what do you think it is?  Initially I was thinking along the lines of Campanula.  After a bit of research I'm thinking Symphandra? Possibly pendula?

With the wealth of knowledge out there I'm sure one of you fabulous people will be able to accurately I.D. it and give me some cultural information. 

But who will be first?


  1. Maybe Symphyandra hoffmannii (RInged Bellflower)? It sure is pretty. I wish my weeds looked that good.

  2. Hey Ryan, I'm not familiar with this plant personally, but doing a little research I think you're right that it's a Symphyandra, but I think the species is hoffmannii (longer blossoms, more delicate calyx) What do you think?

  3. I think that those that say Campanula and those that say Symphandra are both right, - Campanula Armena is synonemous with Symphandra Armena, - described in the RHS plants and flowers book as Upright or spreading perennial H 60cm Produces panacles of upright bell shaped flowers in blue or white in summer, Leaves are oval, irregularly toothed, hairy and mid green. - looks lovely

  4. I was going to say Campanula but was going to be vague on the species. Luckily, I've been beaten to it!

  5. Haven't the foggiest, but it's lovely.

  6. Well, the tags say Campanula Symphandra and I don't know the species well so I'll lave it to the experts!
    Now, if it was veg....

  7. Definitely a Campanula. It grows in my garden but I planted it about ten years ago and have forgotten its full name!

  8. Looks a lot like Campanula alliariifolia (Ivory Bells), 18" tall, hardy to zone 4, 2" nodding bells from July through August, one sided on the flowering sprire.
    The Laptop Gardener

  9. Hi Ryan. This plant looks just like our endemic species Symphyandra hofmannii Pant. from Bosnia and Herzegovina, but is popular in gardens around the world.


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