Thursday, 25 June 2009

Service will be resumed shortly!

Just a quick note to say that I haven't gone completely off the boil and that I am still alive!

Contrary to rumours of my death and to those who have been distraught with my recent absence from the blogosphere (just go with me on that one) I apologise.  I've had RHS exams this week and as a result I have been locked away in a darkened room revising.  Well,  more accurately I've been cleaning to avoid revising but in the end I soaked up some information from somewhere.  

Anyway, thanks for all your posts as I think this has helped a lot with my revision over the past few weeks.  I will resume blogging shortly and can't wait to get back into the swing of things!


  1. GOOD!, I look forward to your posts. Hope all goes well with your exams.


  2. I still get recurrent nightmares about sitting exams for which I have done no revision. I don't know why because it never bothered me at the time and I read Lord of the Rings to avoid revising for 'A' levels which was possibly even more tedious.

    Nice to see you got an award (Blog of the Day) - all the best people have them.

    GOod luck with exams.

  3. Hope that the exams went well. Like your new header !

  4. Thanks! I'm full of a cold/flu at the moment so motivation to blog is rather low right now!

    Hoping to find some inspiration tomorrow!


  5. I think you're going to turn out to be 85, you know, seeing as how you go on about being young so much ;) (re your masthead thingy text)

    Looking forward to your being back more.

  6. I'm just a pup at 24 EB!


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