Monday, 7 September 2009

Fantastic fresh flowers that won't affect your finances.

Everyone want's flowers in the home but why should this be a luxury?

I will show you that on a tiny budget and with some garden know-how you too can create a beautiful bouquet to rival any other.

In a time of financial worries why not treat yourself to a beautiful bouquet of flowers, part bought, part home produced.  This will save you money, allow a little luxury and bring your favourite plant's indoors for all to see.
I buy flowers for the home on a weekly basis, usually Lilies which cost up to £6.00 (nearly $10.00).  Today, when looking to buy flowers, I had a small revelation.  Why should I spend so much on flowers when I grow fantastic flowers at home? (That thought was a long time coming I know!).  Yes, you have to account for seasonality when growing your own but there are flowers and foliage available to use at most times of the year.
For this bouquet I bought Gypsophila paniculata and Chrysanthemum 'Anastasia', fairly cheap flowers totaling less than £3.00 (under $5.00).  Add to this some Verbena bonariensis, Micanthus sinensis 'Yakushima Dwarf', and Anemone x hybrida 'Whirlwind' and you have a full looking, beautiful bouquet.

This bouquet, if positioned correctly; out of full sun and away from heat sources, should last up to two weeks.  When you take this in to account what was once a luxury item costing £6.00 ($10.00) now barely makes a dent in our finances at around £1.50 ($2.45) per week.  An acceptable expenditure in my eyes.

The next time you are looking to buy a new bouquet check your garden first to see what you have available to you.  If you have enough to create a full bouquet use it, or if you want to add a special or exotic plant to the mix maybe buy that alone and add your own produce.  This way we can all enjoy the beauty of fresh flowers while watching our finances.

Do you regularly bring your cut flowers indoors?  Do you grow flowers for cutting that you would strongly recommend? Or have you never considered this idea but may give it a try?  I would love to hear your stories.

Also, please remember entries for my competition to win a pair of professional Felco sceateurs need to be in by 1st October 2009.  You can enter by leaving a comment here.


  1. I enjoy growing many different types of flowers on my allotment, I don't always cut them and take them home, but if there is a special occasion or reason to do so, I will collect a few.

    My favourite flowers would have to be the sunflower.

    If you would like to see some pictures, feel free to browse my flickr collection.

  2. We always have flowers from the garden throughout the house. And sometimes, if the flowers are thin, I have lots of lovely foliage!

  3. A nice post and glad you enjoy the flowers indoors too.
    I used to pride myself in having fresh flowers throughout the year even if only the od bloom with foliage. I am rather tardy these days but perhaps being out in the garden more I enjoy them there instead. But I do like to add something perfumed to a spray of flowers as it lifts one's spirits to smell the perfume in the evening indoors.

  4. Very interesting post, I love the flowers you have combined!

    I do cut my own flowers, and for the past couple of months I've had an constant supply of Sweet Peas in a vase on the windowsill... Sometimes I have also added Shasta Daisy, Coneflower, Cosmos and Lavenders to the mix :)

  5. Your cut flowers look great! I tend to bring I only roses and leave the others for color in my small garden.

  6. Ryan,
    I like to bring a lot of my flowers indoors, since a lot of my family are "inside" types would never see them other wise! :) I cut my lilies and Dahlias, they feel very extravagant in my humble little kitchen.

  7. I hate to cut the flowers in the garden. I much prefer to see and enjoy them there, but I do love flowers in the house too, so I've made a cut flower patch at the allotment. I was a little late getting started this year, but hope to have lots more growing there next year. I've just bought some Daffodils and Tulips to plant ready for spring colour.

  8. We don't often bring flowers into the house but when we do we also bring in attractive branches from the trees and bushes as well..pittosporum for example..oh and ferns that grow abundantly here.this not only makes a few flowers go much further but also adds structure..


  9. Hi Ryan and all. My garden blooms primarily in spring in California, USA, so I do bring in primroses, hydrangea and lavendar. My little potted patio garden, however, due to intense full sun all afternoon, is primarily herbs and succulents, so very few flowers there. I do like to cut wild sunflowers which grow alongside our country roads and throw those in with my lavendar and some greens to give my little kitchen a fresh country feel. Thank you for the ideas!

  10. Ryan, I am a floral designer working in Toronto, Canada, so I can bring home flowers whenever I want. I have a weekend house two hours north of the city, and there I have a cutting garden. At the moment, dahlias, celosia and zinnias are heavy producers and the majority of my bouquets are made up of those.

    I often use the same line to customers, if they are trying to justify in their mind, the $100 price tag of a phalo orchid. If it flowers for 3-4 months it is only $7 or $8 dollars per week.

  11. Hi Ryan. I have a 'cutting bed' in the middle of my veggie plot. I must revamp it though as it contains mainly lily bulbs - which I love but only offers cuttings during the summer. I've also had lily beetle for the first time ever this year. I've also go a wildflower area (this is actually the bit of garden that I never get round to cultivating, but wildflower area sounds so much better)and I have been rewarded with calendula, poppies, cornflowers and some others which I don't know the name of. I've never had much success with Dalias on my heavy clay but I'm always wary of earwigs any how. I've also got a white climbing rose which I bought from Gardeners World a couple of years ago - (Duke of York I think) - and that has rewarded me with some lovely buttermilk white roses - complete with scent!

  12. Thanks for all your comments!

    Bouquet is still going strong!


  13. What a great idea. Your flowers are beautiful. I'm so glad I found this. I love love flowers and would like to know more on how to design bouquets!


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