Thursday, 3 September 2009

Let the Blotanical Battle commence!

Voting has now opened for the annual Blotanical awards!

As the fantastic EmmaT has already pointed out (damn her for beating me!) you can now go and cast your vote for your favourite blogs in a mass of weird and wonderful categories.  Please vote here.

"This year's awards are set to be even greater than last year's inaugural presentations. With more than 1500 blogs now listed on Blotanical - 97.3% more than last year - it's becoming harder to award the best blogs".
As a result the voting process has become rather complicated. This next phase includes three weeks of nominations after-which a shortlist will be created for each category.  Then voting begins again!

All this malarky is still very new to me (as the new kid on the block) and I find it all a little too exciting.  So like some crazed teenager eager to participate in any new activity I'm off to vote!

Good luck everyone!  I don't do competition well Emma, so please be gentle! 

* I feel EmmaT is infatuated or using some sort of intelligent tactic?!

Also, please remember entries for my competition to win a pair of professional Felco sceateurs need to be in by 1st October 2009.  You can enter by leaving a comment here.


  1. For once I am one of the first to get the hang of something in Blotanical and have already voted. I even chose you Ryan but can't remember what category.Urban I think.

  2. Speaking of awards, I just nominated you (again, I know) for a MeMe. Find out why at my blog here:

  3. Ryan:
    I am also new to this but find the entire thing to be a bit like an immature popularity contest in highschool... having said this I did as instructed and chose three catagories to be considered in, but truthfully it was only a ploy to see if in fact it isn't all about popularity versus knowledge and information. Call me a jaded shady sharacter, you won't be the first!

  4. Ah Ryan I am honestly just having fun, your blog has sprung into life with such vigour and you have so many admirers I am sure you will come out of it very well!


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