Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Christmas competition: Win a luxury Christmas tree of your choice!

Following the great success of my last competition to win a pair of Felco secateurs the amazing people at Dobbies.com are now offering you the opportunity to win a luxury Christmas tree.  You can choose any tree that you desire from their amazing Christmas range and have it delivered direct to your door all absolutely free and in time for Christmas!  Even if you already have a tree it is an opportunity not to be missed!  And what's wrong with having a second tree anyway? 

If artificial trees are your thing click here to browse the range.  On the other hand if you prefer the more traditional Christmas tree you can choose from their real Christmas tree selection here.  I have also been informed that there is 20% off the price of  all artificial trees across the whole range so if you can't wait to find out if you have won the prize then this may prove useful.

To enter the competition simply enter a comment in the comment's box below with your choice of tree.  What could be easier?  The winner will then be selected at random (possibly by my glamorous assistant as in the last competition) and the competition will close on Friday 4th December 2009.  Dobbies.com deliver their tress within 3-5 days as standard.  

The winner will be announced here on the blog so make sure you sign up to email alerts via the subscription box on the right hand side of the main page under the 'About Me' section.

Good Luck all and an early Merry Christmas from Ryan's Garden.

Dobbies - Inspiring Gardeners since 1865
For over 140 years, the Dobbies name has stood for quality horticulture.  During this time we've been proud to provide the very best products and expert advice to gardeners throughout the UK.  Today Dobbies is one of the the UK's largest Garden Centre Retailers - we have 25 Stores across Scotland and England. 

Terms and conditions: Entrants must be UK residents aged 18 years or older to enter.  The winner will be chosen at random and you agree that by entering your name may be published.  Prizes will be delivered by courier within 28 days.  The competition is not open to employees or affiliates of Dobbies Garden Centres plc or Ryans Garden.


  1. Hi Ryan,

    As well as entering your competition, I would also like to start a debate about Real v's Fake Christmas trees - where do you stand?

    I will jump off the fence and kick off. It has to be real, no question. It's the smell, look, feel, total package. Fair enough, they cost a lot more in the long run but I really don't care. Another reason? My wife has said she would leave me if we ever have an artificial tree!

    For these reasons, if I am lucky enough to win I would like a Nordman Fir Real Christmas Tree Grade 1 (Abies Nordmanniana) Large (200-240cm) approx 7ft, please.


  2. I would like a snowtime baltic spruce with flashing LED lights, but not the strange upside down Xmas tree - that's v bizarre.

  3. I would love to win a rooted Xmas Tree, an artificial tree is a good idea against a cut down tree which is dead once cut, but most artificial ones are made miles away and cost air miles. So a UK rooted tree is far better because it can be planted after Xmas and give wild life something to shelter under. We had 2 rooted ones planted on our Allotment but last year but low life cut them both down despite only being 3ft tall. So It would be great to replace one. Thanks. Ian.

  4. Hi Ryan - just popped over to let you know my review of the Felcos I won in your previous giveaway is up over at my place now :D

    I've just taken delivery of a tree from Dobbies to review on my blog. My post's due on Sunday, so I'll link in with your latest giveaway then!

    BTW this isn't an entry for this giveaway, there's only so many Christmas trees a girl can handle ;)

    Good luck to all the other entrants!

  5. As there is a possible potential prize at stake here I shall de-lurk!

    It has to be a real tree for me: the smell is part of christmas. Although there are some quite effective, or is that affected, pretend ones, it cannot possibly be the same.

    If I should be so lucky as to come out of the hat/bowl/bag/whatever I would love a 7ft Nordman.


  6. I really need a new tree this year, my old one has had it. If I won I would love the Snowtime LED Pre-Lit New England Blue Frosted Artificial Christmas Tree, 5ft. Fingers crossed.

  7. Would love to win a real tree but hate the thought of one being chopped down for my pleasure!

  8. Thanks for the comments and good luck! Please let everyone know about the competition.

    I love the fac that real tees are in demand as opposed to the artificial's with high price tags.

    Nigel: I'm definitely a real tree kind of guy. Last year I had a Scots Pine and year before was a Norman Fir. Both great trees with good needle retention.

    I'm a bit of a traditionalist with trees. I love the smell, the feel and bringing a part of the outdoors in!

    Martyn: No you haven't won yet! You know when the closing date is and there is no getting round me with votes for floppy hair or cool jumpers! Although a Nordic knitwear jumper would be greatly appreciated as long as it doen't make it look like I've had a spray tan.

    Keep voting people and pass on the link.


  9. Ooo... I'm feeling lucky punk. I'd love to have a Nordman Fir - medium if my own Mystic Meg predictions come true. I already have a fake tree but my OH insists on a real one as well every year. He doesn't hoover up the sodding needles though...

  10. Hi Ryan..Jax here! For me it would have to be the full-on glitz of a 6ft artificial Snowtime Baltic Spruce Colour-changing LED Pre-lit tree. It would sit quietly in the corner, undemanding of any care and attention, food or drink, nothing to get above itself about. Moreover, no decisions to be made in the dog-days of early January. Feel the tranquillity!

  11. I want a fake tree for my first christmas in my own house. But i can hardly aford one. I woudn't be able to get a real one because of allergies to it. Please Pick me.

  12. I always go real ,and the 7ft Abies nodmanniana for me, gosh that would be a great prize more time to study and less time trying to get tree on car which is a struggle every year

  13. Because I live in the States, I'm not eligible for the contest, but I wanted to weigh in. I love real trees and I like artificial ones. Ryan, you're right about how great real ones smell. And they do feel wonderful to the touch, while the needles are fresh and on the tree. The needles don't feel good imbedded in the soles of your bare feet in mid-March!

    Artificial trees have no smell, but the good ones hold their 'needles' in place for years and if they do fall out, they don't turn your bare feet into pin cushions. I do worry about the impact of artificial trees on the environment, especially with the introduction of pre-lit trees. I'm afraid the pre-lit might get chucked in a landfill once the lights burn out and can't be replaced.

    We had real trees for years until my allergies worsened. We've had an artificial tree for 11 years now and it still looks beautiful.


  14. It has to be real trees over fake ones surely? the smell on a morning is amazing!

  15. I'd love the Nordman Fir - nothing beats the fragrance of a real tree (and I don't mind picking up needles until Easter!)

  16. I would love to win the 7ft Nordman Fir real Christmas tree( Grade 1 )

  17. The aroma of real fir trees just sums up Christmas for me. I'd love a Nordman Fir Real Christmas Tree (7ft) please.

    RO :o)

  18. I'd love to win this tree but not for myself. If you have time to look at the "Other View From" blog you will see I live just outside Cockermouth and am currently helping at the Flood Support Centre providing hot food and drinks for people whose homes & shops have been flooded, and for the essential workers who are still working long, long hours to restore power, etc. We are so fortunate not to have had damage ourselves.

    I already have a tree for our home so I would donate this to one of the Support organisations.

  19. Festive Frosted Silverton Pine Artificial Xmas Tree 6ft i would love to win this tree as my 2yr old son loves things that look covered by snow

  20. Hi Ryan,

    Great competition!

    I'm on the real tree fence... As a child we always had a fake tree and now I just have to have the real thing. Fake trees can never, ever replace the real thing. For this reason I'd love the 5.5ft Nordman real fir pleasssssse :) (I was eyeing them up on Saturday during my Dobbies visit!)

    Although naturally fake trees can also be a good thing, especially the fibre optic trees, so I also have smaller fibre optic ones around the house - such as in my bedroom :)

  21. Hey Ryan,

    I was musing over the snowtime Himalayan before I decided it scarily resembled Wizbit and I'd be worried that I'd come downstairs one morning and find Paul Daniels making himself a cuppa....

    .. with that in mind, though I'd love a real tree ( and plant it out after but I don't know where) I thought I'd save on digging one up and go artificial again. and so a 6ft snowtime Glenshee for me please.

  22. Oooo just caught this on the closing day. I would love a real 7ft real tree if I was lucky enough to be picked. Good luck everyone!

  23. With two toddlers and two cats real trees (as lovely as they are) are not really an option for us at the mo - mainly because it will be guaranteed to be knocked over 3 or 4 times.

    So with that in mind I think the Snowtime Duchess Blue Slim Spruce Xmas Tree is gorgeous! Just a wee 4feet one though because we are tad tight on space in our house lol!


  24. Hi Ryan-I've been stuck in the house with Shingles and can't get out to organise a tree this Christmas- so it would be nice to win.

  25. I would like an outdoor Christmas tree, a Blue Spruce would be nice in our front yard for all to see. It would also make a nice winter home for neighborhood squirrels and cover for the overwintering chickadees :) Although I live in the states so GL everyone!

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