Monday, 14 December 2009

Old Man's Beard found in my Christmas Centrepiece

You may have read about my recent trouble, not too dissimilar to self flagellation, when making a Holly Wreath and later the Arctic chill I endured when creating an Ivy Wreath for my Nan.   It appears that all of this frenzied and sometimes painful wreath making has turned me in to a crazed home decorator à la Kirsty Allsop.

When walking the dogs in a local park I came across another County Council masterpiece.   A different Council this time but one that operates the same policy on pruning it appears.  A large Yew had been felled and several other shrubs had also been heavily pruned.  In the style that you have become accustomed to I collected several sprigs of Yew, Holly, Skimmia, and a length of Old man's beard (Clematis vitalba).  These were bunched up and stuffed under my arm for the walk home.  I received some strange looks along the way, that's to be expected, but Christmas allows such scenes.  When I got home I arranged what I had collected, including some Pine cones, to create a rather nice table display (pictured above).  


  1. Ryan strikes again! Where is he? Follow the trail of foliage...

  2. Beautiful! Can you come and decorate my house for Christmas??

  3. So resourceful and domesticated, where can I get me one of those? :oP

    Impressive decorations Ryan. I've had myself in knots all week with mine! I've been trying to bend red Cornus stems into shapes they just don't want to be in. The Cornus is winning at the moment, but I'm not giving up yet!

    RO :o)

  4. It looks really lovely. You certainly are creative.

  5. This is wonderful.... I like your fresh / natural style.
    Happy Christmas to yoU!


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