Saturday, 12 December 2009

Return to Wreath Making: The Holly and (now) the Ivy.

Pictured above is my second attempt at wreath making.  It was a rushed and rough effort that saw me shaking in the Arctic cold of my Nan's (grandmother's) back garden, however, it was a much more pleasurable affair than the first attempt which resulted in my hands turning in to pin cushions.  On this occasion my hands only turned to ice.  For my first and highly painful attempt please click here.  

When out walking I came across masses of Ivy romping over a wall, as Ivy tends to enjoy, on a piece of unused land.  The area is a sad, derelict site which has not seen care for many a year.  I thought no one would object to me pruning a little vegetation from the messy and ugly landscape, actually I may have even improved it.

This Ivy wreath was made for my Nan, as promised, and she is going to add more decoration to it at a later time.  It appears that I am a purist when it comes to the art of crafting wreaths as I have used a single plant species again.   I love the two different coloured Ivies and the way the flowers sit like sparkling mini baubles.  I would be happy to leave the wreath as it is but I think a Poinsettia flower, or two, and some Holly will make an appearance if my Nan has anything to do with it. 

Again this wreath has been created for next to nothing and I urge you to give it a go if you haven't already.  A great craft project which can easily be given as gifts to friends and family who are sure to enjoy the sentiment and seasons greetings. 


  1. Hi Ryan, that wreath is beautiful, and so was the first one you made. I am so impressed. It's great to see a man getting so creative, and that's not being sexist, it's just very rare, well it is amongst the men I know anyway.
    Have a great week-end

  2. Thank you for showing a wonderful view.


  3. I think it turned out very nicely! I'm sure your Nan will love it.

  4. My wreath is naked at the moment just twigs entwined together and you have reminded me to add the living art....ivy. I love ivy and have some growing over back fence just waiting for a trim. Have not got any holly tho.

  5. That is just wonderful - I love that and I am sure your Nan will love it too.

  6. Another great creation Ryan and the ivy flowers add another dimension. Glad to hear that this one wasn't as painful to create.

  7. Gorgeous - I have been giving wreath making a go myself and have turned it into a pretty successful financial venture which is nice, must try an Ivy one though, great idea, Cat x


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