Saturday, 5 December 2009

Ryan's Garden Christmas Competition: Did you win?

Thanks to all who entered the Christmas Competition.  It was interesting to see what trees topped your favourites list.  There was a lot of call for the ever so flashy and large artificial snowtime baltic spruce with led lights.  I think one Gardener in particular was getting a bit too excited at the prospect of winning one.  Of course I'm referring to the garden fashionista Martyn Cox who tells me that moustaches are in for the festive season.  You heard it first here!  Martyn's amazing moustache was photographed by the beautiful VP of Veg Plotting, recently nominated for 'Best Blog' at the GMGA's, who won a pair of Felco secateurs/snips in my last competition.   Reassuringly the demand for real trees (my preference) was well represented too.  I'm actually off out today to buy my tree and I think I will be going for the Noble Fir (Abies procera).  

Anyway, I digress.  All who entered in to the running were placed in to a vase, well their names were.  Physically placing all who entered the competition in to a vase would be a logistical nightmare, not too dissimilar to the nightmare female National Trust staff had in 'pee-gate' which I blogged about here.  I've gone off the boil again haven't I?  Back to the competition.  All entries were placed in to a vase, again it was too cold and wet to find a plant pot and this time a new and grumpy half asleep assistant was enlisted to select the winner.  The lucky 'Chosen One' is an anonymous entry, who later came forward in an email to tell me her name was Sarah, and she left this message:

"Hey Ryan, I was musing over the snowtime Himalayan before I decided it scarily resembled Wizbit and I'd be worried that I'd come downstairs one morning and find Paul Daniels making himself a cuppa... with that in mind, though I'd love a real tree (and plant it out after but I don't know where) I thought I'd save on digging one up and go artificial again. and so a 6ft snowtime Glenshee for me please. x"

Congratulations to Sarah.  Please can you email me your desired postal address and we can arrange delivery in time for Christmas!

Wait a minute!  Could this anonymous individual be of the Raven clan?  I doubt it very much but could you imagine my delight if Sarah Raven did indeed decorate an artificial tree that she won in a competition?  I would like to think that this would be possible.

And that concludes my 2009 competitions.  Yes, there were only two, however, the New Year will bring much cheer as there are many more exciting competitions in the pipeline.  So that you don't miss out on those please subscribe to posts by adding your email address in the 'Updates in your Inbox' box on the top right of this page.

Merry Christmas everyone and please keep reading for my festive blog series!

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  1. You mean I haven't won? Surely there's been some mistake? I was sure my magic 'tache would help me clinch the prize. And yes, the look for the festive season 2009 is a moustache and Nordic jumper combo.

  2. Sorry Martyn but it appears that the waxing of the 'tache actually reduced its magical potential.

    Maybe if you teamed the magical 'tache with the nuclear nordic it would double its power in time for the next comp?



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