Saturday, 30 January 2010

Ryan's Rare Plants

As some of you will be aware I've just started writing a new monthly feature on rare and unusual plants over at 'Fennel and Fern' titled 'Ryan's rare plants'.  If you haven't already visited you can view my first post by clicking on the link or the screenshot above.  I'm really excited about this new feature as I get to indulge in my love for plants and a little bit of fantasy also.  

In other news I've achieved two self imposed goals which I made at the start of the New Year which is quite pleasing as it's still January.   This year I set out to collabortate more with other bloggers, see above image.  I'm still hoping to accept guest blogs here so if you're interested get in touch.  I also intended to become more organised with blogging by scheduling posts and writing in advance.   Up until now I have always been quite impulsive and disorganised with posting.  This is one of those beautifully scheduled posts.

So enough rambling, if you like your plants rare please check out my new feature and if you have any suggestions for those articles or my plant wish-list please leave a comment.


  1. Ryan:

    A good year for you thus far! Congrats! I stopped by F&F just to see your selection, and was thrilled that you focused on the genus Cypripedium! Not a plant for everyone, but a wonderful challenge nonetheless!

    You've hit on what has for me personally been the key to more organized and thoughtful posts: planning and composing them in advance. Granted, I am sure that we suffer from the same malady of having inspiration strike at the most inopportune of moments - 3am, dragging yourself from the comfort of bed to the damned computer - but the idea of setting aside time where your only focus is the composition and layout of a post...... I know it will bring even more success! You will also derive much pleasure when people come to do a guest blog... my monthly 'Teza & Friends Garden Forum' has brought me such joy and we're only posting the second edition on the 7th. Perhaps one day if I have some spare time I'll venture your way, but no promises yet. Work starts up at the nursery in a month so I must prepare myself.

    -2 F here, with close to 2 feet of snow... so really, what has a self confessed plant collector to do with his spare time? Continued success!

  2. Well done, Ryan. I've already been over to visit the post on Cypripedium calceolus, and can't wait to see what you'll do next.


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