Sunday, 7 February 2010

Garden Shows, Blooms and a Garden Bloggers Meet Up

Have you planned in advance for the coming year?  There are tell tale signs which say that Spring is imminent and I for one cannot wait!  Bulbs have started to flower, buds are popping and the days are getting longer.   Winter seemed like it was here for an age and I know that the growing season will be over in a flash.

Late last year I rearranged my borders  and created a new area in the garden. The new area is quite small and I think it shows a more considered approach to gardening, which aims for year round interest and better design.  I find that it's easy to get bored with a small garden and this led to me wanting to do something new.  I divided many large clumps of perennials and planted hundreds of bulbs.  I also added three new trees to add height and I gave friends and family plants that I didn't have space for or no longer wanted.  This Autumn (fall) preparation should ensure that my garden will require little input in the coming year.  All I have left do is fill gaps in borders, plant three container herb gardens and keep up with general maintenance.  In all honesty I'm not convinced that I will be working all that much in the garden this year.  

What will I do with my time?  I still need to fulfill my hankering for horticulture and start to hunt down some of the plants on my plant wish list.  I'm planning a very full schedule of garden shows, which should satisfy me quite nicely.  I've been thinking about which shows i'll be making an appearance at and although I would love to visit them all, I think I need to be restrained, after all, I have a life outside of gardening that needs my attention now and again.  

I've made a preliminary list of six shows to visit including: RHS Orchid Show, RHS Cardiff, Chelsea, Malvern Spring Show, BBC Gardener's World Live and Hampton Court Flower Show.  I have been to RHS Cardiff a couple of times and although it is only a small show it improved year on year and is particularly accessible for me as it's just down the M4.  Last years visit to the show can be seen here.  Last year I also attended 'BBC Gardener's World Live'.  This is a different kettle of fish altogether.  Coupled with the 'Good Food Show' this show is quite busy but none the less enjoyable.  All the other shows on my list are new to me, in the sense that I've never attended before.  All my visits will be posted on the blog as they happen so keep your eyes peeled.

If you are already thinking of visiting the Malvern Spring Show, you may be interested in this added incentive.  'Meet @ Malvern', set up by the wonderful VP and Helen, is intended as a get together for garden bloggers.  Our friends across the big water have regular meets and this is sure to be an exciting date for the diary.  I will be in attendance on one of the days, probably the Friday, and it has all the makings of a great day out.

What do you have planned for the coming year?  Will you be attending any shows?


  1. Sounds like you have been busy planning and creating. Can't wait to see the new area in your garden.

  2. Ryan:

    You can't have Spring yet!!! I'm looking at -10 degrees with two plus feet of snow out the window this very minute!

    I wish I was on your side of the pond.... all the shows, so little time. Here in the great white north, ours are paltry and insignificant in comparison. Maybe one day a spring fling to the UK will be in order!

  3. Ir seems to have been a long winter and any signs of spring are welcome.
    Have been fortunate enough to visit all the big shows you mention and Malvern is my favourite. So far it's the only definite for 2010 - may get to see you there :)

  4. Yeah! It seems you are using your time improving your garden.Hope you will show it to us.

  5. It doesn't seem that spring is on it's way here, it was snowing again this morning. I love visiting shows but haven't got any planned yet for this year.

  6. I gave you a Sunshine Award:

    I have big plans for xeriscaping my front yard, and I fear how quickly spring is coming. Eeep!!!

  7. I hope you'll take many, many photos at the garden shows. I vicariously visit, as there are no garden shows near me, and I'm not an enthusiastic traveler.

    We're having a false sense of spring, those warm days that make you believe winter is over. Good time for some pruning or indoor planning, or like you, planning.

  8. Looking forward to seeing your successes in hunting down plants on your wish list this season. Might see you at Malvern :)


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