Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Hamamelis: Winter Scent and Autumn Colour

There are very few plants that are in bloom at this time of year and even fewer that are scented.  Hamamelis or Witch Hazel, as it's commonly known, does both.

In my last post I photographed a Robin which landed when I was taking a photograph of Hamamelis x intermedia 'Ruby Glow', which as the name suggests has ruby red flowers.  There are also other cultivars and varieties that flower anywhere from lemon, through orange and blood red.  As well as being heavily scented, a spicy floral scent, this plant also has wonderful Autumn colour.  A real contender if planting for year round interest.  The plant photographed above is Hamamelis x brevipetala

A hardy plant which will tolerate hard Winters; Hamamelis prefers a sunny or partially shaded site on a free draining, neutral/acid soil.  As with any heavily scented plant I would advise that you plant it in a spot near to a window or that you will pass regularly so that you can appreciate its true beauty and intoxicating scent.  

Do you have any comments, tips or experience of growing this wonderful plant?  Are you thinking of growing Hamamelis?

In other news I have also been awarded an honest scrap award by the very kind and gifted garden designer Tim Matcham.  If you don't already know of Tim please check out his blog and check out the picture of him accepting an award from Joe Swift (Tim's the one with hair).  In the true style of the award I am supposed to reveal a few things that you may not know about me or something that may prove interesting.   So click here for a similar post I wrote a little while ago.  Please feel free to join in the Meme style post if you so wish and say Ryan sent you!

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  1. I bought my first last year Ryan - Hamamelis x intermedia 'Jelena'. So far although the early colour is welcome I have been disappointed with the scent.


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