Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Mother's Day Series: The homemade scented container

Have you thought about what to buy for your mother this mother's day?  Did you even know that mother's day (UK) is on the 14th March?

Over the next four blog posts I have a few gift suggestions for you, ranging from homemade to luxury.  To end the series I also have a competition and giveaway for the woman who likes to wear suitable but feminine attire in the garden which is open to the U.K., Europe and U.S.A.  If you don't want to miss out on this great opportunity please subscribe by email below or in the right hand sidebar.

Have you thought about making something with that personal touch?  My first suggestion for mothers day is one of my very own, although somewhat recycled.  You may remember that last year I posted an article on making a small planted container for the home or garden, utilising scented Daffodils, Hyacinths and Polyanthus.  This still strikes me as a great gift idea for mothers day and it wont break the bank either.  If this interests you I have reposted the article below:

Mother's day is looming and with the ever present "credit crunch" why not create your own gift which will provide magnificent impact for half the price and without loosing any of the sentiment.

The photo demonstrates something that can be created immediately, and yes, this is one I made myself.  The photo shows a beautiful spring display which is perfect as an indoor display which can be moved outdoors at a later date when the blooms fade.

I chose this display carefully with three things in mind:

1) Price
2) Scent
3) The recipient

I know my mother loves daffodils so that was an easy starting point.  Along the way I found this beautiful double daffodil called Narcissus 'Bridal Crown'.  The added bonus with this daffodil is its scent. A magnificent mix of jasmine and an intoxicating sweetness.  To accompany this I settled on the ever popular Hyacinth, as this too will provide a later flush of colour and scent, and a Polyanthus.

All of these plants were bought in bud but with a little forward planning you could always grow your own, saving even more money, if indeed this is your aim.

A simple container was chosen with the recipients taste in mind and the display was topped off with a covering of sphagnum moss.  This display would cost upwards of £25 in store or online but can me created at a substantially reduced price.  The display should also continue for many years to come.

Tips for creating this display on a budget:

1) Always check the bargain bucket!  At this time of year containers are usually on sale following the winter.
2) Go for an all year round display.  Choose an evergreen shrub.  This display will then pay for itself all year round.
3) Use unused compost from last season to fill your pots, especially if only planting bulbs.
4) For drainage use broken crockery or polystyrene.

From what I can remember this was a great success and added that personal touch to an occasion that can often be negated by its commercial appeal.  A heart felt gift on mother's day without breaking the bank?  You can't beat it!

Our next post will come from the RHS who have a great range of gifts to offer on mother's day.  To close the mother's day series we have a competition which is open to the U.K, Europe and U.S.A.  Please sign up to email alerts so that you don't miss out on this great opportunity.


  1. It's a great idea to make something yourself for mother's day rather than buying. I think the gift goes down extra well having put your own thought and effort into it.

  2. Dear Ryan, Something home made is always, in my mind, more preferable as a gift whatever the occasion.

  3. Fun, fun, fun. I look forward to the next installment.

    Your container is lovely. I force many bulbs, but never thought to mix them up together.

  4. Ryan I agree with you on the scent of Bridal Crown - I grow it in the garden and its delightful. Handmade presents are so much more special and personal - some garden centres will sell a bow and cellophane by the metre so you can gift wrap it too.


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