Sunday, 7 March 2010

Mother's Day Series: The Real Flower Company

Say it with flowers? Well, you cannot suggest gifts for mother's day without mentioning them.  

My favourite company of the moment, and the whole last year, The Real Flower Company produces fantastic flowers.  Not only are their bouquets incredibly beautiful but they're scented, filled with herbs and of the best quality imaginable.

The company have put together a whole section of the website dedicated to mother's day with a great range of gift ideas.  Please take a look at their site and if you're not inspired by the mother's day range have a look at some of the other ranges and gifts on offer.
You may remember that I wrote a post for the company last year and you can read this by clicking on the screenshot below.
Our next post is the one you have been waiting for, the competition.  The competition is open to the U.K, Europe and U.S.A.  Please sign up to email alerts so that you don't miss out on this great opportunity.


  1. There is nothing as wonderful as a vase full of heady, fragarent flowers. Now we've got a few scented narssissus and hothouse hyacynths to reassure us that spring is coming.

  2. Dear Ryan, I thought your main picture of the arrangement with, I think, ivy berries, absolutely lovely. What a delight to receive.

  3. It's good to have recommendations of a company. I've taken a look at their website and I especially like the hat box arrangements.

  4. A lovely bouquet, I love the herbs in it.

  5. Their scented rose petals with lavender in the box just look like a box of sweeties - how unusual a present that would be for someone.

  6. Hi, the bouquet looks fabulous and no doubt smells just a good. Scented cards which we now do are a perfect accompaniment, hope you agree.


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