Friday, 5 March 2010

Mother's Day Series: RHS Gift Ideas

Do you struggle with what to buy your mum on mother's day? What do you buy for the woman who has everything?  

If you're mum enjoys gardens, garden shows, botanical art, illustration or photography then the  Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) may hold the secret to a great gift. 

Last year I treated my Mum and Gran to tickets for RHS Cardiff and it's safe to say they thoroughly enjoyed the day.  We were very lucky to have good weather and as both my mum and gran had never attended an RHS show, they were pleasantly surprised with what was on offer.  We took in the show gardens and the flower pavilions, which were both a great hit.  My gran is a big fan of Fuchsias and Chrysanthemums and I'm sure you can imagine her delight when faced with such things en mass.  We enjoyed the food stalls, talking to various growers and listening to the many bands that played throughout the day.  What more could a mother want on her big day?  As a gift idea I can strongly recommend buying show tickets.

My particular favourite gift idea from the RHS comes from their selection of botanical prints.  In actual fact I wouldn't mind a few of these myself.  I particularly like the black and white illustrations.  If you like what I've displayed below please have a look at the full range on the website.

If you think your mum, gran or other loved one would appreciate a gift from this selection, please click the RHS logo below to be directed to their mothers day gifts page.  
Our next post will come from The Real Flower Company.  Folllowing on from this we have a competition which is open to the U.K, Europe and U.S.A.  Please sign up to email alerts so that you don't miss out on this great opportunity.


  1. Dear Ryan, What a highly original and unusual idea for a Mother's Day, or indeed any, gift. I am sure that your mother and grandmother had an excellent day out at the RHS Show in Cardiff and it must have been additionally special that you were on hand to guide them [it could be a little bewildering for a first time visitor].

    Happy weekend!

  2. There's some great ideas there. My mum has never been to a RHS show either, so that's a great idea. I love those prints too. I got a RHS diary for Christmas and there's some fab illustrations in it.

  3. Wish I could treat my mum to that! What a great idea. :)

  4. Tickets for the RHS are a great idea - I'd never have thought of that. I always love the RHS prints. I get the diary each year and there are beautiful prints inside it. I keep my diaries from year to year just so I can keep the prints.

  5. What a great idea Ryan! Hope the RHS are grateful for your ambassadorial work!

    Best Wishes



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