Sunday, 18 April 2010

RHS Cardiff: The first show of the season

Welsh dragon sculpture at the show entrance by Dragonswood Forge
This weekend brought the first RHS garden show of the season and with it being my local show I could not resist popping along and buying a few bits and bobs.  Of course I’m talking about RHS Cardiff and when I say bits and bobs what I really mean is that I spent an absolute fortune on plants, obelisks, and the like.  You may remember my post on RHS Cardiff 2009 and many of the opinions aired there still remain.

This years show, much like last years, lacked emphasis on garden design and show gardens.  In total there were only four and I hope that this part of the show develops in future in line with the rapid increase in food stalls.  Despite this there were a couple of good designs one of them being ‘Irene’s Garden’ designed by Gaynor Witchard, which won best in show and rightly so.  
Irene's garden
Inspired by a love of Sally Page books and her mother’s love of pastel and white flowers Gaynor’s garden fused elements of cottage garden design, shabby chic style and functionality.  It was greatly received by the public and the judges alike.  I met up with Gaynor and her mum, who inspired the colour scheme and choice of plants. Gaynor was incredibly proud of what she had produced and when I spoke to her on the Saturday most of the garden had been sold already.  What I didn’t photograph were her rather fancy bird feeders, something that Sarah Raven would be jealous of.  Each feeder was made from a bone china cup and saucer attached to a metal spike and added a quirky touch to the garden. 

Cardiff’s County Council ranger service had created a coastal garden to highlight the biodiversity of a unique landscape and the threats it faces. 
The childrens wheelbarrow competition was a hit again this year and I especially enjoyed this barrow inspired by the Taj Mahal.
And the floral marquees were awash with every colour of the rainbow.
During the show I managed to buy two metal obelisks, some drip irrigation, an Auricula, Narcissus, Chocolate Mint, Red Veined Sorrel, Martagon Lilies and some Comfrey.   All in all the show was great and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  

A full write up of the show is available on the Dobbies blog and you can read it by clicking on the screenshot below.


  1. Wow, I really like the dragon and the mini Taj Mahal (sp? sorry!)with the beautiful flowers. What a neat place to visit!!!

  2. Its my local show too and I agree about the lack of gardens.

    We went on Friday and while the show is growing in terms of food and craft stalls the number of gardens are disapointing. Its suppost to be a show about gardening not about trinkets and cheese.

    I thought the show gardens that were there were of high quality and we enjoyed them but there were so few unlike the other RHS shows.

    Parking was also a big problem this year as they have taken away a huge amount of long stay parking spaces near by.

    The organisers really need to try to generate more interest from designers to the Cardiff show to be on a par with the other RHS shows.

    That said we had great weather and really enjoyed the day

  3. It's a shame that there aren't many show gardens at Cardiff. The floral marquee looks colourful, and I like the wheelbarrow inspired by the Taj Mahal.

  4. I want Irene's garden - what a gorgeous garden. Loving the wicker border!

  5. Thanks for a peek at the show.

  6. The show has only been going in Cardiff for 5 years from what im aware of and so actuallydoes remarkably well. regardless, we did have fantastic weather in Cardiff for the event.

  7. Very nice! I like that wheelbarrow too. Seems as if everyone has larger garden shows than we do. Some year we'll have to travel......

  8. Looks like it was a great flower show! I love contests like the wheelbarrow contest. How fun.


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