Thursday, 27 May 2010

Friends, Food, Flowers and France

Last weekend brought a long spell of fantastic weather, excellent company, a touch of sunburn and oodles of good food.  I couldn’t have asked for more.

The colourful salad pictured above, made up of what was available in the garden and a few extras that had to be bought in, was so vibrant I couldn’t resist taking a photograph of it and it pretty much shouted out for attention.  I put the salad together to accompany a meal made for friends who stayed over on the weekend.  They very kindly donated lots of great plants to me for the allotment and fingers crossed they will help to contribute to a meal or two at some point in the very near future.  I was also given a homemade Plum and Apple chutney . . . heaven!

Another good friend of mine is planning to move to France shortly, of which I am immensely jealous, and for this reason she asked me to pop over and pick up a water butt which is soon to be surplus to requirements.  A few hours and several cups of tea later I left her house without the water butt.  My intentions were to drop off a few saplings and collect the aforementioned water butt, Instead I came home with a horticultural bounty.  A compost bin, Blueberries, Hostas, Aeonium, Salvias, Hemerocallis, Sedums, Begonia, Lathyrus, a Golden Hop and many other fabulous plants managed to sneak their way in to my small car, most of which are destined for life on the allotment.  

It was really quite humbling that she would trust me with her prized plants, many of which were grown from seed or handed down by friends and relatives.  I think, and most definitely in my case, that plants can hold many memories, have sentimental value and become treasured items in their own right. The feelings that came with taking these plants was bittersweet.  I know that I will offer these plants the love and care that they have become accustomed to and when the time is right I will be able to provide her with cuttings and seedlings from which she can start her garden all over again with the exact plants she cherished for many years (hopefully).  I hope I can do her proud.


  1. Beautiful salad! Your photo is yummy! I understand the 'bittersweet' in taking plants from a friend moving away. There is responsibility in caring for plants so tenderly cared for by said friend and a joy in having a bit of the friend still remain though her plants. It will be a happy day when you can give her cuttings. Best of Luck! Hopefully you can still get the rain barrel. ;>)

  2. That is a great photo Ryan. I always like the idea that offspring of plants from my garden have been adopted by friends. Some sempervivums that started life in Brighton, moved to the Cantal and their offspring are living on a balcony in Paris.

  3. I am touched that Ryan is so happy with the goodies he collected recently; he is beyond doubt, the most worthy recipient of my horticultural collection. I only wish that he had an interest in Heuchara!! but I know he will give Gordon the Gunnera a good home....The rain water barrel is waiting for you and lets hope we have a drizzly day soon so we can lift some more perennials for you.....

  4. Ryan that salad looks so delicious and also very colourful. I have never been brave enough to add flowers to my salad but you have inspired me, so I'm gonna try it. M x


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