Friday, 11 June 2010

Competition and the Perfect Green World Cup Gift

Courtesy of Aimee Furnival
The FIFA Football World Cup is upon us and as the opening matches unfold the focus of many is placed firmly on the telly box.  Homes and gardens alike are transformed, with some painted in support of national teams, to facilitate our voyeuristic pleasure, give us a sense of belonging as a nation and unite all planet Earth.  

In honour of this global sporting phenomenon the good people at Postcarden have produced a new creation entitled ‘Football’, pictured above.  Perfect for sending to friends and family, locally or internationally, the Football postcarden makes for an interesting and topical gift that will allow even the most football averse of individuals to join in with the World Cup spirit.

The postcarden team use several illustrators to design their stunningly precise multmedia creations and in support of my nation, who incidentally do not feature in the great sporting contest, each postcarden is printed in South Wales making them a great deal more attractive to me at least.  All other materials are sourced nationally also.
Courtesy of Aimee Furnival
If you like the look of postcarden please check the other designs in the range.  The allotment design is particularly nice.

You can also enter for a chance to win a postcarden by entering a comment in to the comments box on the Competition Page here.

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  1. Owen would think this was wonderful! A change to cress egg heads.


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