Sunday, 20 June 2010

Shopping at Gardeners' World Live 2010

Lilium 'Starburst'
Gardeners' World Live is a shoppers paradise.  Stall after stall of stuff you didn't even know you needed, top quality plants and lets not forget the Good Food Show.  

After last years show, where I bought a fish tank, and no I didn't expect that either, I was determined to be a little bit more restrained.  A morning of battling the weather and dashing around the gardens put me in the mood for spending a little cash.  The intended restraint waivered slightly but in general I did pretty well.

I purchased the beautiful Lilium 'Starburst', pictured above, and I cannot wait to add it to the garden.  I grow several Lilies but this one appears to have a much larger and striking flower compared to my smaller Asiatics.  I also bought several Seseli libanotis, Trifolium ochroleucon and three Gooseberry bushes ('Invicta', 'Hinomaki Red' and 'Hinomaki Yellow'), which are headed for the allotment.

I had a great day at the show and you can read more about my visit on blog.

Below are a few picture highlights for you delectation.  
Peony 'Bowl of Beauty'
'Room for Nest Eggs' by Heather Appleton
Beautiful Salad Leaves
Incredible India by Yvonne  Matthews Garden Design
Did you attend the show?  What were your highlights and what did you buy?

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  1. Wow! Great pictures Ryan! The lily you bought is fabulous! I also love the big pot with lettuces. Looks as good as any flower arrangements!

  2. Hey Ryan,

    I SO wish I'd gone. My press pass didn't come until yesterday morning...which is helpful as it was for Wed! I didn't they'd allocated me one....prob best as like you I'd have probably spent a fortune.

    Looks like some good plants there :)

  3. Hi Ryan
    I was there yesterday, - bought lots of plant supports again, everlasting gerberas and Eucalyptus (but for clients) lots of plant labels, - I get through hundreds each year, and fathers day pressies for hubby and FIL (whiskey & pond cleaning machine)

  4. Hope you liked my friend's show garden - The Salad Bar - I couldn't get to see it in the flesh, but enjoyed it on GW.


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