Saturday, 18 December 2010

A Warm Breakfast for Cold Chickens

Have you ever wondered what to feed your chickens for breakfast on these very cold days?  Well a warm meal may just help.

Over the last few weeks I've been visiting the girls as usual each morning but I've been taking somewhat of a different approach, taking on board the points from a recent guest post focussing on Winter chicken care.  Each morning I've visited with a large bottle of warm water, which is very slow to freeze, and a nice warm breakfast.

I'm sure the girls would be fine without this extra meal but I'm also convinced they really appreciate it and if the way they approach the meal is anything to go by then I'm almost certain they look forward to it each morning.

The recipe mainly consists of layers pellets and boiled water.  This ensures that your chickens still get the necessary balanced diet that promotes good growth and egg production but it can also be added to each day to provide variation.  I tend to use porridge oats or rice with fruit and vegetables.  At the moment banana is a particular favourite.  At this time of year I also tend to add a few mealworms to the mix for added protein.  This extra protein also supports chickens that are moulting or have recently moulted.

I'm still relatively new to chicken keeping but this seems to work a treat as I'm still getting two eggs a day and the girls are thriving.

This little menace also enjoys the walk to the chickens and right now she is loving the powdery white snow that blankets the plot, along with her Mum and our other dog. 

Do you use any other methods of keeping your chickens warm and fed?  Do you have any particular recipes or additional treats that you would recommend?


  1. That's great advice Ryan. How about a few little bits of broken up marshmallows for afters. They peck alittle at the piece at first but once they discover the sweetness it is down in no time at all.

  2. Great photos of your chickens. I keep toying with getting chickens hearing you and others tweeting about them and now someone near us has them as I can hear them clucking which is nice sound

  3. Helen they are so much fun!! Plus they'll happily devour any garden nasties, weeds or leftovers.

    I think if you're a bit interested just give it a go. You'll soon be hooked and they take no time at all to care for. Just a few minutes a day and in return you'll get gorgeous eggs and plenty of compost for the garden and plot!

    You'll have to keep me updated in this one.


  4. I imagine that your chucks will be getting a special Christmas breakfast Ryan. Hope that you enjoy Christmas and wishing you happy gardening/allotmenteering in 2011 :)

  5. I can't believe you have chickens! Good for you. I've tried feeding ours warm oatmeal but they're having none of it. Right now they're enjoying carrot peelings (organic of course), organic grapes (free from my workplace) and they love scarfing up the dropped seeds from the bird feeders.


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