Monday, 24 January 2011

Best Laid Plans

What is it they say about the best laid plans of mice and men? Obviously I can't speak on behalf of the mice but I can speak for myself and tell you that right now my plans are most certainly going awry.

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook then you will probably know that right now I am writing this post on a back-up computer that I'm not entirely at home with. I usually use my ever faithful Mac to write blog posts, check email and complete freelance work, however, following a freak Border Terrier and Tea incident the Mac has since ceased functioning - In fact it's completely dead. Suffice to say that the combination of energetic and somewhat psychotic puppy, mug of glorious morning tea and beautiful Mac are not conducive to a mornings work. Well not anymore anyway. For the past three years this hasn't been a problem. My older Border Terrier Maggie, and mum of the recently coined "one speed" puppy - Olive, has quietly and reliably sat beside me when working, checking emails or just twittering and I have rarely had a problem with her, unless of course you count the silent but deadly cabbage-like odor she often produces of an evening. Olive on the other hand is a complete liability. She does not have the ability to walk calmly or even trot in to a room, no; she has to fly at lightning speed directly at any person or other pet that happens to be in the vicinity, often leaving a trail of destruction in her wake. She was of course the runt of the litter that we took pity on, hand fed and molly coddled. Maybe that should have been warning enough? The last "runt of the litter" dog I owned as a child was an equally psychotic West Highland White Terrier that had a penchant for car oil and a touch of OCD as he had to close any door that was left ajar. Forewarned is forearmed? Anyway, my Mac is now hands of the insurers and I hope and pray that at least some of my files can be saved (the majority are backed up). The puppy on the other hand is demoted to third-best dog. As a result of the 'Terrier and Tea' incident I'm unable to upload photos for my 'Image of the Day' feature, but fear not, I am determined to continue with my resolution and I'll be taking a picture every day on my mobile phone.

In the garden and at the allotment my plans have also been halted as once again we are in the grip of yet another cold snap. Every day this week, with today being the only exception, I've been met by a hard ground frost, which means that the ground is not workable at all. In fact it’s hard as stone. The pond at home is frozen solid and the Chicken drinkers have also been in need of a daily addition of hot water. I had intended to start on the chicken coop extension, the cutting garden and a compost bin area screened with a dead hedge but this has not been possible. Despite this I have managed to start on filling the raised beds with some beautiful black and rich compost.

In other news, one competition has just ended and already I have another fantastic prize lined up to offer you along with a couple of great offers. Thank you to everyone who entered the last competition.  We had a massive response with over 190 entries!  Please take a look at the all new Competitions & Offers area that will be posted shortly. 


  1. hello Ryan, like yours, our rhubarb is just pushing through its blanket of manure ...what a lovely sight! sorry to hear about your mac...

  2. OH dear! Well puppies are puppies and do get up to mischief!
    I'm getting fustrated by the cold weather as well but I keep reminding myself that this time last year we had snow but then I didnt have an allotment then so it was less of an issue. Lets hope it isnt long until we can get on with our plans

  3. lol sorry but your blog post did make me laugh :-) We have a bonkers puppy living with us too (well he is over 1 now so not much of a puppy I suppose) and he is a chicken killer too so not my fav pet as you can imagine! Hope you get your mac issues sorted soon and the data can be retrieved.

  4. sorry about the computer...hopefully they can salvage the files.

  5. Bummer! Hate to see a Mac go out like that but a good story eitherway.

  6. Bad luck on the Mac front. I tipped a glass of wine into mine last year (whilst writing my thesis, bad bad times), but it completely recovered after a week long dry out (ha ha). Perhaps yours objected to the additional heat of the beverage?


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