Sunday, 2 January 2011

A New Year, New Competition and New Feature

A new year has begun and I'm feeling very festive and celebratory indeed!    2010 has been a great year for the garden and allotment and it has even seen the arrival of chickens, which have all brought a lot of joy and excellent produce.

I'm hoping that 2011 is going to be just as good, if not even better.  The allotment beds have been raised this Autumn and all the plantings have been planned and prepared ahead of time with a few exciting rare and unusual edibles added to the list of great fruits and vegetables I'll be growing.  The  chicken run is awaiting an extension so that three new arrivals will have plenty of space to run around and forage.

In other news, Ryan's Garden has a new feature - 'Image of the Day'.  This is something that I've wanted to do for a little while now ever since I heard of Project 365.  I will take a picture every day, which may or may not be garden related, and I'll post it here for everyone to see.  I'm hoping that a single photo will be enough to micro-diarise my year and prompt some memories and emotion on reflection.  I hope you enjoy the images too.

Also, in typical Ryan's Garden style I thought it only right to celebrate the new year with you by launching a brand new competition in association with one of our sponsors - Seed Parade.  

The very nice people at Seed Parade are offering three lucky winners the chance to win 20 packets of seed each.  And if that wasn't good enough they are allowing you, the winner, the chance to choose which seeds you want, whether it be fruit, vegetable or flower.  Seed Parade have a lovely selection of seeds available and if you haven't already, you should have a good look at their website when you get the chance.

To enter the competition simply leave the answer the question below in the comments section of the competition area here.

Question: Which delicious and prolific Courgette supplied by Seed Parade shares its name with a fictional horse?

Thanks to everyone who has read, commented and contributed to Ryan's Garden this year and a massive thank you to all of our sponsors and to the great companies that have offered some excellent prizes for our regular competitions.  

Here's wishing everyone a prosperous and happy 2011 - Cheers!

This competition has now ended.


  1. I can't seem to find anywhere to leave a comment in the competition area ( so thought I'd leave my answer here - hope that's ok!

    The answer is Black Beauty!

    Have RT'd your original competition link... Happy New Year!

  2. It can only be the famous Black Beauty?
    What a great seed company? I love those speckled gourds; hoping that I'll be able to grow those when I get to Portugal in the future....
    Best wishes for 2011, P.

  3. Black Beauty!

    Many thanks for running the comp! x

  4. What a colourful and cheerful photo Ryan - it made me think of summer and bought a smile to my face. A happy new year to you - hope that it treats you, loved ones, garden, lottie and chucks kindly.

  5. That's nice when Ryan's Garden adds a new feature 'Image of the Day'. Keep on better and better posting everyday.

  6. what a lovely looking salad! hope to see lots of photos on here through the year.
    Chris Gardening Express

  7. Ah that would be Black Beauty, my mother used to read me the book as a child. Good variety to grow too mind. Nice blog btw!

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