Thursday, 21 April 2011

Ryan's Garden: An update

Spring is always a season in which we are stimulated, invigorated and given a hint of what’s just around the corner.  After a long winter, beautiful Spring days accompanied with warm weather and new growth really make you reflect on the year that was and the coming seasons just out of reach.

On the allotment, things have sprung forth.  The broad beans are in the ground after growing on a little more in my vitopod and have been planted just in front of the sweet pea obelisks.  This year I’m growing ‘Cupani’ and ‘Stars And Stripes’ from Seed Parade and ‘Just Jenny’ which I picked up at the gorgeous Malvern Spring Show from a great exhibitor whose name I’ve forgotten (Sorry!).   I did however; spot one mistake at the plot.  I’ve somehow managed to sow half a row of spring onions in the wrong furrow and I now have a rather strange arrangement of beetroot and spring onions seedlings fighting for space.  I’m not quite sure what I’ll do with this but I may just sow the other half of the row and stagger the harvest.  
All of my fruit bushes have been awash with bees and butterflies of late and it now looks as though they've set fruit.  It could be a very good year indeed!

In the garden things are coming on well.  It seems as though my 2-3 years old planting has truly knitted together well and is looking really good right now.  Combinations of cirsium, alliums, apple blossom, fennel, tulips and box are looking great (well, as great as they can in a small space) and I’m truly thrilled.   Edna, my Lavender Araucana chicken, is now resident here too and I’m very keen to monitor her attempts at reorganising my planting.  She’s already taken to scarifying my chamomile lawn with her heavy footed approach and I’m praying that she gets nowhere near my orchids.  Lily beetle arrived but was swiftly dispatched and the vine weevil population made a small snack for Edna.
In the cutting garden the peonies, dahlias, lilies and gladioli are all growing well and it looks as though my pound shop experiment may just pay off.  The bargain Daffodils which I planted sometime in January or February are now blooming and make a great addition to the plot.

This weekend will see me sowing my runner beans, amongst other things, and I have a few experiments on going too, which I hope to share with everyone soon.


  1. Its sounding good and looking good!
    How gr8 to have a chicken called Edna.
    Hoping others are Ethel and Enid!

  2. Ryan I am so impressed, your plot and garden looks so well laid out and the little gooseberry is early, I must check closer on mine as they have had flowers for weeks and there are a lot of bees around.
    Can you send Edna round to me as I have found lot's of vine weevils in quite a few pots and I'm gutted as I have lost a few plants, the B*****ds I hate them more than any other pest in the garden, yes even more than slugs !!!

    Have a great Easter.

  3. You have a very beautiful garden. Your plants are healthy and the flowers is so beautiful. Very impressive and amazing care you have in your garden. Keep it up.

  4. Hey Ryan,

    what a gorgeous plot you have, far more organised than mine! I'm currently behind on the planting but I'm glad to say my gooseberries are at the same point as yours by the looks of things.

    I'm having terrible trouble with the naughty kittens next door so have netting over the raised beds at the moment to stop them digging the plants up. I think they need to learn some garden etiquette from my cat!

    Have you has any experience of growing asparagus in pots?


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