Saturday, 23 April 2011

This Morning's Headlines

The Telegraph are fuelling the debate about the use of peat in gardens.  This follows on from recent comments made by Alan Titchmarsh and Jamie Oliver, which have caused somewhat of a kerfuffle with gardeners up and down the land.

In today’s publication the Telegraph focuses on a recent RSPB survey of ‘the country’s top 27 leading gardeners’ and what’s more surprising is that I get a mention.  Described as a ‘more “modern” gardener’ I’m included as one of the eleven gardeners who have managed to cut out peat completely. I'm proud to be in such great company with the likes of Alys Fowler, Charles Dowding and Emma Cooper also favouring reduced use of peat.

If you would like to read more please click on the image above.

In other news my post on RHS Cardiff appears to be getting some attention in Amateur Gardening magazine.  If you don’t buy the magazine you can read the full text here and I’d love to hear your comments.  Should bloggers dare to have opinions?  I think we should!


  1. blogs are about personal opinion, you were not rude in what you said and as a paying visitor to the shows you are not obliged to love everything that is there. An honest critical opinion is to be valued not stamped upon.

  2. I am sure I said you were going to be a journalist - was I right or was I right?

    Providing what we say is a genuinely held belief, in a matter of taste or conviction, or we understand it to be true, in a matter of fact, we should tell it like it is!

    The peat kerfuffle I am however bored with. There are huge variations in the acidity of peat substitutes. This can be critical with certain species: proteaceae and insectivorous come to mind. Peat should be available to those who need it at a premium. Sustitutes should be used for eg bedding plants. There will of course be grey ground in between, like the whole issue of John Innes mixes. It is worth remembering the huge quantity of peat which is burnt for power. Thew amount used for green purposes scarcely weighs in balance!
    Keep up the high profile Ryan!

  3. Robert: ditto what he said!

    I know we are meant to care about individually doing our little bit, but on a global scale, if you consider the amount of CO2 produced by China, India and America, whether I use a bag of B&Q multi-purpose compost or not has absolutely no bearing on the fate of the planet or the future of mankind. Sorry, if we lived in a perfect world it might matter, but we don't and it doesn't.


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