Thursday, 2 February 2012

Winter: normal service is resumed

I take it all back.  In my last post – ‘A Winter’s technical hitch’, I commented on how the seasons were all out of kilter and how we could really benefit from a cold snap to reset the natural order.  Well, I got what I asked for and more. But after nearly a week of having the heating on 24/7 and battling with keeping animals watered I’ve had enough now.

So far today I’ve jumped up and down in the middle of a frozen field in an effort to break the ice in the horses water barrel, nearly got myself stuck to the metal gate with wet hands (again) and chipped away at completely frozen chicken drinkers.  Suffice to say, I don’t want this to go on for much longer.

There is a bright side to this cold weather of course and for that I’m eternally grateful.  It’s just that I’m British and we do like to whinge a little (a lot!) about the weather.  As I write this I’m smiling like some sadistic Bond villain as I just imagine the little terrors that are being frozen at the plot.  A good cold winter really does pay dividends in terms of pest control and even if it just makes a small dent in the slug and pest population I’ll be happy.  That being said, I can’t wait to start get things growing at the plot and I hope that the next couple of weeks will see the soil thaw and the days warm a little.

If you entered my last competition with Seed Parade I have news.  Three lucky winners have now been selected at random and will receive £20 worth of seeds!  The three lucky winners are: Kayleigh Parr (@allotmentvs), Celia (@celiahart) and Jo Young (@BoostieBoo).  Congratulations to you all!  Could you please email: with your contact details and we can arrange for you to receive your prizes.

In other competition news, I have an absolutely fantastic prize coming up next so please keep your eyes peeled for details on how to enter.

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  1. Yes you're right this little ice age has its problems, but isn't it great to be walking on iron-hard ground rather than trudging through mud. And it's got to make an impact on the summer's slug population, hasn't it?


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