Friday, 18 May 2012

Looking forward to Chelsea

Next week we see the unveiling of the Chelsea Flower Show, the cherry on the top of the RHS cake.  All the great and the good will be displaying their wares, wandering around the site casting a beady eye on what’s on show and celebrating the big event.

As a first timer to the show I really have no idea of what to expect.  Of course, I’ve seen Chelsea on the TV many a time and visited other shows but a show of this scale and prestige really is a different beast.

I’m particularly excited to see the show gardens and I'm eager to get some good design ideas.  I’m hoping to see something new and exciting that will get the cogs turning and possibly initiate some action on my part.  The Fresh Show Garden category sounds like this could just be the ticket although every garden has potential to wow.  Little has happened in my garden or at the allotment since I last posted as work really has dominated my days but I have a feeling that with a newfound motivation things are about to change.

I'm hoping that the Great Pavillion will also inspire and that I'll be able to find some new plants and dual purpose plants that are both decorative and edible.  I'll also be looking to see what's new and get a few tips from the growers.

Here's to Chelsea 2012!


  1. I have a few tips. Get there as early as you can. Make a list of the things you really want to see. If you can find a map before you go of the overall plan of the site, that will help orientate you. Be prepared to be patient about the crowds. Obvious but do remember a camera and notebook if you want them. Take several breaks and put your feet up, get a good long rest (admittedly I get hassled by crowds and also by so much to see). Keep your eyes open for the gardens that are part of the site permanently - v appealing too. Wear comfortable shoes and a rain-coat/sun-hat if nec. Ask loads of questions.

  2. I'm doing a photo post on my blog about my trip to Chelsea last year. There really is nothing else like it in the world. Have fun (and expect to be shoved and trampled by scores of old ladies!).

  3. unless you are going on press day - expect crowds .... huge oppressive crowds.

    Then as EB says - get there early, I am usually there by 8am and left by lunchtime as I find it unbearable by then.

    Have a fabulous time - look forward to your posts x

  4. Thanks for the tips guys!

    I'm going on press day so will avoid the crazy crowds (phew!) and I'll certainly try to get around everything as best I can. Really excited now and I must remember to put my memory card in my camera!!


  5. Looking forward to your post on the show.


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