Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Today I tasted Summer

Today I tasted a little bit of Summer.  Sat on the edge of one of my allotment raised beds with the sun on my back just watching my hens.  Several Bumbles buzzed by on their way to the fruit bushes that line my plot, a cabbage white, harlequin ladybird and peacock butterfly are all sunning themselves on the leaves of my rhubarb and not a sound is to be heard.  This tiny little plot that holds little meaning for anyone who walks on by but its heaven for me in that moment.

Looking over the broad beans and leeks, watching the girls go about their pecking, scratching and preening I honestly think I could have lost hours.  Of course, I didn't as my iPhone was in my pocket and as usual it completely ruined everything.  I'm back to reality with a bump.

For over a week or so I've been glued to a computer screen.  Creating and updating spreadsheets, writing articles and arguing with lots of different service providers.  I've recently entered the world of self-employment, creating a new business with my partner and it's meant little time for gardening.  Of course, the rain and howling winds had also put pay to this, but having endured quite some time with eyes glued to my computer I needed a little time alone at the plot.
I seized the moment today as after what seemed like an eternal monsoon had passed the sun came out.  I have a broody hen at the plot and so I planned on visiting her and giving her a few golfballs to sit on until I can provide her with some fertilised eggs, which are currently resting in my kitchen having been posted from deepest, darkest England.  That done, I inspected all the crops and went about my jobs.  Everything appeared perfect.

To say I've been feeling a little apathetic about gardens and gardening lately is an understatement.  My mind has been solely on the business.  I didn't go to RHS Cardiff, although I'm not sure I missed a great deal, I've done little at the allotment and I've done absolutely nothing in the garden.  I've found myself yawning and nodding off during Gardeners' World and I don't think I've read a handful of blog posts, which I usually consume quicker than cake.  But that little moment at the allotment may have just given me that little spark I needed!  We'll see.


  1. My first spring/summer feed (e-mail). A quick flick through links: I am amazed the australian flat worm wriggled itself all the way here. I plan to back-track previous posts using the flip/mosaic format. And if the specs slid off during pottery (the post that got me subscribing), then how do you cope with gardening postures? Enjoy your cake as much as my first comment - SR

  2. Hi Ryan, a lovely post, and congratulations to you and your partner on starting your own business, the best of luck and I hope it all goes well.

  3. Hello Ryan. Glad you had a chance to taster summer. I hear the weather there has either been rainy or drought-like. We've had summer on and off. It's now off and back to autumn.

  4. Ryan, I love those tulips. Great pictures!


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