Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Three courgettes – is this a glut?

I left the allotment today with an overwhelming feeling of smugness.  No, I hadn’t outdone one of the old boys or found my favourite fork, which has been “missing” for some time, but I left holding a bag containing a nice box of eggs and 3 courgettes.  I had also obliterated what appeared to be 95% of the worlds population of red mite that had taken to calling the chicken coop home, much to the horror of my girls.  It appears that I’m easily pleased.

The courgette plants, which once lay beneath the sweet peas – now dead and removed, have grown rather stately.  They all look particularly strong and are encroaching on my path in a bid to engulf the whole of the plot.  One bed is not sufficient, or so it appears.  Not content with plans of world domination and just looking beautiful, these plants are also starting to crop well.  The forerunners so far are ‘Taxi’, ‘Black Beauty’ and a new plant I’m trialing ‘Italian White’ (pictured above).  The latter, I think is pretty beautiful and is certainly holding its own against the seasoned pros.

What with harvesting three courgettes today, naturally my mind is turning, somewhat prematurely, to that wondrous time of year in the gardeners’ calendar, which has so far eluded me – the glut!  I did say premature, you remember?  Already there are small undeveloped fruits waiting in the wings and I can’t wait.  Courgette cake, spiced chutney, roast courgette … the list goes on and on.  Other recipes are welcomed of course!


  1. Definitely a glut! And fine courgettes they look too.

    No glut anticipated for me this year. I've six tomato plants: one has precisely NO fruits, one has a meagre TWO and the other four ... Well, I'll be lucky if I manage one mug of Jamie Oliver's tomato soup (my favourite recipe)!

    On the verge of retaking on my allotment plot … wish me luck!

    1. It's been a pretty dreadful year for it so you're not alone. One of my plot neighbours had a few beautiful trusses of tomatoes only to be met by blight just as they were about to ripen.

      Great luck with the allotment plot - please keep us updated!


  2. Yes - thats a glut. Or at least it is 3 more than I managed to grow. It has been an awful year. They do look rather beautiful though. Almost too pretty to eat. Courgette fritters are rather good.

  3. Your courgettes look great! Now for how to prep and cook them...:)

  4. I must agree, there is nothing quite like growing your own veg and then enjoying the glut that follows. Although this year hasn't been one to write home about unfortunately. Your courgettes look great though :)

  5. Yes, this is indeed a glut. I havn't picked a courgette yet, none are of size even though I'm supposed to be 'showing' at the village fete this sat. (In past years I got told off by the judges for my courgettes being too big...... I can feel a ticking off coming because of their woeful size this year. .... I will resist Tesco, I will resist Tesco!!)


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