Saturday, 19 January 2013

A bacon and egg sandwich day

On days like today, after a long morning at the stables, I’m more than grateful for bacon and egg sandwiches.  It's the kind of food that warms you up, fills that gap and screams sunshine and comfort on a plate with those deep orange, glowing yolks laid by my little flock of hens.  It's possibly my favourite lunch after a hard days gardening or morning spent at the plot but as no gardening was on the cards today it certainly came in handy after a long and cold morning.

The girls are now obliging but they are still a little hit and miss with the old egg laying business.  They have come through the moult and after looking like battered old feather dusters for a little while they’re in tip-top condition and demonstrating that they’re hardy little things.  Unperturbed by rain, wind and snow, they just carry on about their business focussed solely on food and looking pretty.  Today, as a reward for their hard work, they’ve been treated to an extra special hot breakfast with porridge oats, rice and raisins and as always it was gone in minutes.

The two girls at the forefront of the picture above are still going strong and can be seen in my original post: 'A warm breakfast for cold chickens'.  They are endlessly entertaining and wonderfully productive as ever with McGee, the brown hen, having very few days off in the years that I've had her.

Here's hoping for a productive 2013!

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  1. They are very pretty girls indeed! I'll have to try the warm oatmeal on our girls again. Last year they would have no part of it and acted as though I was attempting to poison them!


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