Saturday, 16 February 2013

Desktop blooms from the garden

Today I took a quick trip in to the garden, which is something of a novelty these days but the sun was shining and I had a free saturday to play with.  There’s not a great deal on show, beyond the general browness broken up by the odd evergreen and fresh green leafy offerings from the Spring bulbs and early woodland plants that are poking their heads above ground. That said, the Hellebores, Snowdrops and Witch Hazel are flowering away happily and this is enough to satisfy my horticultural desires, for now at least.  

I couldn’t resist bringing a few blooms back indoors with me so I snipped a little bit of Box and coupled this with a few Hellebore blooms, plonked them in a vase and positioned them on the desk next to my computer where I find myself sat for hours on end these days.  I also nabbed a trio of pristine Snowdrops and as I was without a bud vase, not for want of looking I must add, I salvaged an empty Vanilla extract bottle and put it to good use.   The nodding blooms make for a great little piece of decoration and also remind me that beyond this computer screen and hours of work, the garden is still there and thriving without my intervention.  
This week, whilst driving home each day it's not gone without notice that the days are lengthening at quite a pleasing pace.  No longer am I returning in the dark but I have time to see to the chickens, walk the dogs or pop to the stables and soon enough I’ll be spending long evenings at the allotment working with hands in warm friable soil and planting out seedlings with or without a barbeque perhaps.  It cant come soon enough.

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