Saturday, 23 March 2013

Days for tea and cake

There are merely a few signs that Spring is here and right now it feels like Winter is having a good old go at clinging on with its icy finger nails clamped tightly on this patch of the world; putting the growing season temporarily on hold and forcing me to seek the warmth of the wood burner, mugs filled with tea and oven-warm cake.  Although I’m pretty sure that no matter what the weather has in store, the latter two will always have a place in my life.

Just a couple of weeks ago the soil started to dry, buds started to bulge and the chickens upped their egg laying efforts.  Today, however, the soil is once again wet and icy cold, many buds have fallen dormant stuck in a catatonic state just waiting for the starting pistol and my chickens, though still laying, are not quite as productive as I would have hoped for this time of year.  We may even have to resort back to the warm breakfasts.

Despite the cold, the rain and the wind there are a few garden stalwarts that are putting on a brave face.  The Rhubarb is resplendent and will soon find itself in countless recipes, as will the sorrel and what remains of the parsnips and potatoes.  As you will see above, the daffodils, once upright and jolly have taken on a more leisurely approach to looking beautiful.  Battered by flying tarpaulins and feeling a bit sorry for themselves, if not broken completely, most lean or lounge looking quite apathetic – not dissimilar to those slightly vague looking models seen in fashion magazines.

This temporary hitch is quite welcome given that I’m yet to sow a single seed.  Work and other things have dominated my life of late, hence a lack of blogging, tweeting and other forms of web-based procrastination.  The last frost is now in sight and with the nights becoming longer I’m sure that this will all change very shortly.
In other news, the blog has had it's 4th birthday although I completely missed it and didn't get around to acknowledging it at all and you may have also noticed that I’m a contributor in this seasons ‘The Edible Garden’ in which I feature a few great blogs I like to read and eight of the nicest twitter-folk, all of whom are incredibly talented and inspiring.  If you do get a chance please check them all out and tell them I sent you!


  1. We are buried under feets/foots/tons of snow. I'm sick of it. Today I ventured out to see if I might light the paraffin heater in the greenhouse but I can't even get the door open due to the drifts. Sob. All I could do was gaze in at shelf upon shelf of seedlings and protected plants from last year. My high hopes for 2013 are dwindling.... I've even put the 3 pet lambs from last year into the stables and our disabled chicken, Happy, is not living up to her name.

    On the upside it is the school holidays now (3 weeks) and my sproglets are happy by the fire playing with Lego and their 'star war' seems to be in full flow.

    Ta, ta.
    Depressed from Shropshire.


  2. Lou, I fear you are not alone! Although we've had no snow here the wind, cold and rain are wreaking havoc. It can only get better from here on in.

    Hopeful in Wales

  3. So glad to read someone else isn't overly concerned about the slow start to the growing season (from a personal point of view). Due to work, weather and life in general I only started my own veg garden preparations last week, taking down last years bean poles and pulling up the brassica stalks. A lesson in patience doesn't harm any of us :-)

  4. Hello.. my allotments are near to Kew, the soil is cold and wet. Not a flower to be seen on any of my fruit trees, a few brave Daffodils are in flower, the Pheasant Eye Narcissi are still faaaast asleep, 1 Radicchio is awake but not a sign of any Asparagus.. everything is 4 weeks behind schedule.. but it is supposed to all 'cheer' up this weekend! I hope so.


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