Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Ready the Bumbles!

On this evening in particular it feels as though Spring has finally sprung.  Daffs and tulips are plump and opening, if not already blooming and there are buds galore to be seen all around.  The chickens are also feeling the seasonal change and eggs are being produced quicker than they can be used up.  Okay, so the earth is largely left bare, aside from the yawning perennials, but this will soon change in a flash – when I finally move in to action.

As I turned the corner on to my plot today, ducking under the low apple tree and negotiating several raised beds, I was met with a symphonic drone.  A low buzzing akin to a dubstep bassline quickly followed by my shock at seeing around ten or so also slightly shocked bumble bees taking flight.  They had been sunning themselves on the shed, affectionately known as The Tardis, and took to the sky on my arrival almost proclaiming that the worst of it is over. 

So there we have it – nature has announced that we’re in the thick of it.  Ready the Bumbles!
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