Sunday, 1 December 2013


Things have been quiet of late (apologies); by late I mean the last six months and by quiet I mean near enough silent.  Deafeningly silent in fact.  Dead?  The blog, twitter, my facebook page and writing in general have all ground to a halt and I’ve been more than aware of this.  Let me explain.

At present I’m in limbo. Torn between two countries, between my home and what I’m reluctant to call my temporary home, with no real garden to speak of.  The sale of the original “Ryan’s Garden” and many new commitments have all led to me having fairly clean hands and very little to write about on the garden front.  

You see, I’m relocating.  Sounds a little exciting doesn’t it? No, I haven’t witnessed a major crime and I haven’t been put in to a witness protection programme, although the prospect seems like quite a thrill to be honest.  Sadly, it’s a little more mundane, although in reality it’s all part of the master plan to move to Salop and start a small smallholding (if there is such a thing?).  No matter how depressing my groans make it out to be it’s actually pretty amazing; it’s just I want everything now and such a big move takes time.  There are processes to follow and I’m not too good with that. 

The original plan was to simply blog about my then existing garden and allotment as I made the transition but this didn’t happen and life and other events took hold.  The move to my temporary home took a lot of time and effort, not to mention getting the animals settled.  The final nail in the coffin was returning to my allotment, mid-move, and at the point of harvest, to find that it had been dug over.  Devastated doesn’t come close and the little wind left in my sails at that point died in an instant. 

So what’s a boy with an eponymous garden blog to do with no real garden?  Well, I’m yet to discover that and I have little motivation to write with little or no inspiration but I’m hoping that writing this will help stir something up and get me going again.  One thing I do know though is that my next garden, which may not be all that far away, is sure to inspire and who knows, it may even mean a totally new blog?!  

Here’s looking forward to the new year!


  1. It's a big lifestyle move for you and anything of this magnitude will always attract a few hiccups....but remember your vision, it will keep you going through the dark days. I think you are very brave and wish you well - I'm sure you'll be blogging when you are ready and I for one will love to read it. Shame about your allotment - it must have been devastating to see all your hard work disappear like that. Things will get better - the short winter days means that you can perfect your plans for the garden (in between looking after the livestock). Good luck Ryan I'm looking forward to your new blog :)

    1. Thank you Janice, I'm sure you're right. I shall plot away and come back as soon as I have something to write about! Thanks for reading x

  2. Good luck with everything, hope to hear from you again next year x

  3. Good Luck with all the changes and look forward to hearing more from you when you have moved to this lovely county :-)

  4. Ryan: I have a ton to write about (with a smallholding) yet sadly find I have failed to write each day... I love your blogs and hope you can force yourself to contunue to write something each week, even if it's not in a blog for general consumption.

    Can't believe your plot was dug over. Dreadful!

    Best of luck with all you do.

  5. I am sorry if this is a repeat, but Ryan, I am sorry that you are leaving behind your site. Life takes us on twists and turns, some good, and some not so pleasant. I do hope you find your writing spirit again, as I always very much enjoyed your pictures and your posts. You are quite talented both in compositions and photography, and, obviously, gardening. I hope you find peace and a revitalized enthusiasm with your new smallholding. I look forward to your new adventures, when you find the time and will to do so. Best wishes. Martin

  6. You're not alone Ryan! What is a greenhouse worker to do who doesn't work in a green house anymore! I'll tell you; take pictures of your surrounding community and gardens. Just keep updating. I too have fallen a little silent for awhile, but always maintained you on my top list of five. So keep writing.

  7. been following advice to prune old blog posts. Found your comment way back in 2009. Now I find we are both poised in limbo. We have a next (house and) garden, but are waiting for this house (and garden!) to sell.
    Sad that a monster dug up your harvest.


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