Ryan’s Garden began back in 2009 and is now in its second phase following a move to the country in 2014.  Originally the blog focused on gardening in a small city garden and allotment, however the more recent move looks at my new challenge - setting up a smallholding in the Staffordshire countryside.

How it all began: The original blog was borne out of accident with no real intention to go on for as long as it has.  After a car crash left me unable to garden temporarily I decided that a blog would be a good idea, allowing me to diarise the garden year and create an aide-memoire for the years that follow.  

Image of the Day: Starting in 2011 the Image of the Day feature started to create a daily snapshot diary and is set to return in 2015 after a temporary break due to relocation.

The Smallholding: Situated in rural Staffordshire and bordering Shropshire and Cheshire, the new site covers over 4 acres in total and houses a mix of garden and pasture land.  Although in the early stages of life, the Smallholding is set to house a mix of livestock, a vegetable garden, an orchard and of course, an ornamental garden.

About me: A 30 year old newbie smallholder hailing from South Wales with a passion for all things ornamental and edible, be it animal or plant. A passion for gardening has been with me all my life but it really established itself when I purchased my first home in 2007. 

Following this I’ve studied with the RHS and gone on to find a passion for writing about gardening also, enabling me to write for some well known publications, blogs and company websites in the UK and abroad.

Aside from gardening I also run an online pet website which offers a whole host of products from prescription medication, pet accessories and food including our own brand ranges.  You can see more at: www.doolittlesdispensary.com.

The future:  Over the next year or so you can follow me through the ups and downs of starting a smallholding from scratch.  From developing gardens to managing livestock and everything else in between.  You will see the return of ‘Image of the Day’ and you can guarantee that in between all of this there will some great prizes up for grabs in the competitions section.

I hope you enjoy the blog!

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